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Published: 29 September 2019

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Allstate aka torture Was once again put through the torture of speaking to the representative at allstate. Sabrina once again called me today requesting “more information” said that we still have not provided enough information that shows that we had lost of income. Said that she is still waiting on our tax documents. Told her for the millionth time that there is no tax document on earth that shows the exact amount that each specific vehicle makes and that its dumb that that they continue to request this nonexistent document. We have provided the schedule of the car that was hit and the exact schedule for every other car in our fleet and how they were already scheduled. She stated that we have not provided proof that “those students weren”t rescheduled for another day and that what we sent had names blurred out” told her that legally I was not going to provide allstate with the names of minor students. Told her that I could not speak to her anymore and that I wanted to speak to her manager. We have been going around since august and was tired of her giving me the run around. She forwarded me to her manager”s voicemail. I left him a voicemail with my cellphone number. I get a call from the manager kwesi m. And once again we are doing the “I need more information” dance. Once again I let him know all the information we have provided and that there is literally nothing else that we can send to them. Let him know that sabrina keeps asking for the non-existent tax documents. Kwesi agrees that a tax document will not work because tax documents do not provide separate income for each car. (ok then why has sabrina been harassing us for months and the only words out of her mouth is always about the tax document). Explained to kwesi that once again we have provided all the information needed for this claim, the same type of information that we provided on a downtime claim back in 2016. He says that “that 2016 claim was paid in error and that we never provided enough information” He once again states that we need to provide proof that those students weren”t rescheduled for future dates and that they couldn”t go off the “blurred out information” we gave them. Told him that the information that they needed to see was available to them. That the only part of the documentation sent to them that was blurred out was the legal name of our instructors and the legal name of the minor aged students that we must protect. Told him that I could not legally provide allstate the legal name of these students as it goes against their privacy. He once again said that without the additional information that they cannot pay this downtime claim. Told him “so because we refuse to break the law and provide allstate the name of minor students that we are going to be [censor] out of luck with the money they owe us” Told him that he needed to go to someone above him and find out what other documentation that we can provide them that does not have us breaking the law and for him to call me back. Also that he would probably be hearing back from me or the owner and that what they were doing is ridiculous and that they owed us the money. He said laughingly that “oh, I don”t expect you guys to stop pursuing this case” It is interesting your “manager” thinks this is a laughing matter. Maybe he should be laughing at the unemployment office. If any of my staff spoke to someone like that they would not be working for me.

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