Driven Finance LLC

Driven Finance LLC

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Published: 17 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Since middle of May, 2019 Rodney Eri Janes approached me through LinkedIn messaging by telling he was a private lender able to fund business up to $10.0M and only fee for funding were $1,780 loan processing fee prior and after the loan has been delivered. Because of our shortage of ongoing business cash flow, I requested him if he can work with 50% ($890) fee upfront and 50% fee later and he confirmed and agreed. | The first fee ($890) was paid on 5/23 via wire transfer to the account of Indie Planet Global with Bank of America with accont number 3250********, 24 Meridian Ave. Suite 2, Miami Beach, FL 33139. And the same day the loan agreement $300K was concluded and validated with an agreement that the loan shall be disbursed on the same day. But the loan was not disbursed on 5/23 (Thu) with no notice. | 5/24 (Fri) Rodney sent a message via text that “You need to pay remaning $890 to complete total processing fee”. It was first breach of the agreement made. After discussion I made payment of remaining $890 on 5/24 (Fri) with an expectation of the $300K fund be delivered as fully agreed. But it did not happen. At this time our company’s cash flow management broken and we failed to make payroll to workers on the very payday. | Over the weekend 5/25-26, Rodney came up with “Bitcoin funding delivery set up fee $300” if I would desire to receive such loan fund during weekend which was out of blue agenda but I accepted to pay such $300 via bitcoin to the wallet address of Rodney in order to normalize our failed payroll pay back. But, still no funding was completed. | On Monday 5/27, Rodney sent me text message telling that we would need to pay $1,350 bitcoin delivery set up fee in total as the company bought $300K bitcoins in preparation to deliver loan fund to us. Such a ridiculous unfair conducts we argued and declined since none of our consent was granted to receive fund in bitcoin. Rodney then started to be rude and pushing that we must pay by all means if we want to get funded asap. | At this time, the discussion and assertion had become quite non-sense and obviously illegal lender’s practice by abusing such lender’s position. Rodney kept insisiting by implying he could take care of $850 out of $1,350 and our payment is $500….. I declined as all issues carried out by Rodney is totally unfair and illegal violating all consumer lending regulations and laws. Over this weekend, he keeps sending text to my mobile phone that he would accept if we could come up with additional pay of $300…..ridiculously scam. | Before having entered in this loan discussion back on 5/23, I investigated the company’s real existence at State of Michigan Corporation Service but the company, Driven Finance LLC was a deceased company in 2015 and the company registration number stated in the webiste revealed to be untrue. In addition, the domain (Website) age is nothing but 213 days and it does also untrue that the age of company stated in website the company was registered since 7/29/2011. | It is now clear that a group of malicious fraud utilized the deceased company’s name and conduct various loan related scam activities.

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