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Dr Ben from the Driver Dentistry is a PEDOPHILE!!!

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Published: 07 May 2019

Posted by: Tracy

Keep your kids away from him! He molested my 8-year-old daughter! It was the most horrific thing one can do to an innocent child. I would never forgive him for this crime. I am going to file a case against him and will see that fucking pedo in court. I am writing this post to make sure that other parents get aware of his monstrosity and don’t make the same mistake that I did. I went to Driver Dentistry for getting a teeth whitening treatment and braces for my daughter Melissa. I booked the appointment the day before and all the payments were done by cash as I didn’t have any dental plan. The reception was nice and the greeted us well, Melissa was even given a bar of small chocolate from the reception which was a nice gesture. What we did not know was the evil intentions of Dr Ben Driver. The doctor called us in and as soon as we entered the room, he started looking at Melissa in a very uncomfortable and unsettling way. He got started with my teeth whitening procedure and did it as fast as he possibly could, he was talking to Melissa while doing the procedure and was touching her cheeks and shoulders. I didn’t suspect anything as I thought maybe he was one of those touchy people. After the whitening, it was time for Melissa’s checkup, as she needed braces. He did the checkup very slowly and took a lot of time. I started browsing Instagram and sending some important emails, during this time he did something which made Melissa giggle and after some time, she just ran away. I got startled and I went to Melissa to ask her why did she run away. She was totally silent and didn’t say anything. I thought maybe she was playing some kind of game with the doctor and I took her back to the seat where we got done with the checkup. We arrived the next week for getting Melissa’s braces, however, Melissa was really scared of going in the dentist’s room, so I decided to leave her at the reception with the front desk and get the braces. Dr Ben asked me where Melissa was and I told him that she didn’t want to come in, he smirked and went to the front desk. He KISSED Melissa on the LIPS and told her,” Come in sweetheart, I’m not going to hurt you” Melissa refused by shaking her head. He FORCEFULLY grabbed her and lifted her while gripping her from her chest. I immediately grabbed my daughter and rushed out of the clinic. I took Melissa home. Melissa cried during her way home and told me that he was touching him inappropriately the first time we went to Driver Dentistry. PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM DRIVER DENTISTRY for the sake of your child’s safety. It is really painful and exposing to write this post, but I don’t want any other parent to suffer as I did. Driver Dentistry should be closed IMMEDIATELY and Dr Ben should ROT IN JAIL!!!

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