DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc.

DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc.

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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I got my car from DriveTime in April of 2013, not because I wanted to, but out of necessity. My current car at the time died completely and I couldn’t afford the new engone my car needed. I had already put in thousands of dollars, and was not willing to put any more money into it. | My credit was lacking at best because of a few personal issues I was having, and unfortunately, I was forced to sign a deal with the Devil. After having the car for a few months, things went downhill. It’s been incapacitated more than once and the work that needed to be done on it was not cheap. I called Aeverex about the repairs who told me to fax them the bill for both the tow and the work that was done, along with proof that I paid the bills, as they would reimburse me. | After faxing the appropriate documentation they requested, I heard nothing from them. I called them day after day. First they claimed that they never received the fax (even though it clearly showed as “confirmed” that it went through). Then when I faxed it again, I had to call to find out if they were going to take care of it. They told me that the work I got done was not covered (then why the HELL would I pay extra for a warranty that does absolutely nothing, as they didn’t even pay for my $60 tow fee!!!) | As of late, my car hasn’t been driven for over a year and a half. My oil has been leaking into the coolant, and has messed up my engine. I can’t afford to have the repairs fixed, as I’ve been quoted about $2,000 worth of work. Aeverex has denied that they will cover this as well. So, I’ve been stranded, getting rides from family and friends (which is not only an inconvience to them, but to my entire life as well), yet, they d**n well make sure that they take their payments from me every two weeks. I’m tired of paying for a car that I can’t even use!! It might as well be an ornament! | As I’ve been researching more and more about DriveTime and their Aeverex warranty, I’ve been seeing that way too many people have been having issues with the cars they’ve loaned from DriveTime. When I got my car, it had 44,000 miles on it, and before it died, I put about 30,000 on it. There have been no recalls on it, as I’m constantly checking. There is something extremely sketchy about this, and it’s absurd that this company (and probably many more like it) get away with stealing people’s money, people who have no choice but to use them because of difficult times. They haven’t even reported any of my payments to any credit bureau either! I have two more years of this nightmare. I can’t wait for this to be over. I’ve definitely learned my lesson!!

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