Drs. Eric Jacobson & Leonard I. Stambler

Drs. Eric Jacobson & Leonard I. Stambler arrested

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Published: 31 July 2017

Posted by: Lois B. Rice

A dozen of agents raided two doctors namely Eric Jacobson and Leonard Stambler from Long Island for prescribing painkillers to their patients.
The two were intentionally seen planning and conspiring to distribute a controlled substance outside Long Island.
When the investigation was done, we found out that the two are doctors but do not have an actual clinic of their own. They just pretend like they have clinics and also pretend to be busy when a patient wants to come over. She sent a client with two bottles of painkillers, I mean what the hell will that one person even do with so many painkillers.
The two doctors, Eric and Leonard moved around in their car to meet their patients, they should how conveniently they moved from one place to the other in order to maintain their clients. They delivered pills from their cars and also gave prescriptions from their car itself. They had no office but pretended like they do.
When medical records and other documents were pulled out, it was found out that the doctors met one patient almost 8 times in a week and 10 times in a month, and sometimes even more. The two lovely partners have been jailed for prescribing painkillers and giving them away freely, and also for conspiring the smuggling of these pills.
Please be very careful when you go to a doctor. Do not get involved with them, they might end up providing you with some serious painkillers which can be very harmful to your body.

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