Drs. Jose Alvarez

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Drs. Jose Alvarez was arrested for practicing dentistry

A patient having severe problems with eating solid foods went to Dr. Jose Fernando Alvarez at his Palm Beach Gardens dentist office for treatment. She had been going there since 2011. She started with her orthodontic treatment, she was recommended dental aligners to which she agreed but her husband denied.
“My husband is not a doctor so who was I supposed to believe? I trusted (Alvarez),” as stated in The Post
In the month of May, the patient was supposed to get her braces off, before she would go ahead with it she requested the dentist to talk about it first. He refused to talk and suggested her another dentist. But she insisted she wanted him to work on it.
Later the patient found out that Dr Alvarez was not licensed to practice dentistry, he was on probation for practicing without a license in Broward County. He tried to move the patient to several other doctors but she refused everytime. He made her put on braces even though she didn’t need them.
Alvarez was working for Quintero because the two had worked together before and he trusted him with his work, the two also graduated from the same dental school in Bogota, Colombia.
Alvarez, 49 was arrested and after three hours released from jail on paying a $3000 bond. Quintero was also arrested for practicing dental without a license. He was released from jail after six hours on a $9,000 bond.
The case is still going on, on the two unlicensed dentists for practicing dentistry on patients.

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