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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

With all due respect, this is hard for me to write. I dislike writing this because I don’t wish to inflict any ill-feelings toward Dr. Sinatra or the site however after several repeated incidences over the course of several years ordering online through Dr. Sinatra’s website, I feel the need to at least alert people so that they may avoid the same pitfalls I’ve experienced — not out of maliciousness or ill-intent. Please know that I think Dr. Sinatra offers superb, quality supplements which is why I ordered from him over the past few years. | Unfortunately, though his supplements may be superior, the autoship program needs significant help and work! I have on several occasions been notified after the fact that a shipment was being prepared and sent with no prior notification. What made this regrettable is that they withdrew money using a secondary account that did not have the funds in it, causing bank overdraw. | In the follow-up conversation with customer service, it was admitted that their system had trouble with email autoship notifications going out a week ago of which mine was evidently a part. Consequently, I never did receive any notice. I checked spam, the blocked folder and nothing was there from Dr. Sinatra. Customer service offered to refund 50% of the amount but now the responsibility lies with me to return the autoship order when it gets here which I have no idea when it will arrive and will therefore involve the inconvenience of driving the package to the USPS/UPS (whichever) office at a time when I have been sick with the flu. This is more than an inconvenience including a bank overdraw. | It is very unfortunate because his supplements are in fact very good quality but I cannot afford the inconvenience that this brings and potentially overdrawing due to their poorly designed email/autoship (and confusing) system program. Fwiw, I order from multiple sites and have not experienced the problems I have with Dr. Sinatra’s site despite several attempts to suggest that they consider re-designing the system. since the problem continues, evidently, there appears not to be a concern on their part–I don’t honestly know and I can’t speak for them. | I admit I am annoyed by this, but more so am deeply disappointed because I can no longer trust their program and will miss out on a good, quality supplement. It’s also to their loss as well. | I sincerely hope they re-evaluate their online ordering and autoship program as they have so much to offer along with superb customer service. Their autoship/online ordering is their downfall.

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