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Published: 19 July 2019

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In June 2013 a pipe burst behind the wall in my kitchen while I was at work. The kitchen flooded and the water flowed into the bedroom and soaked the carpet. There was also seepage into the family room, and parts of the laminate flooring were buckled. I called Bill the Plumber because I found their card in my husband’s desk (my husband died in 2012) and told them I thought the dishwasher had leaked. They sent out two plumbers who looked at the dishwasher and traced the problem to the pipe behind the wall. They removed the back of the cabinet and the drywall and found a hole in the pipe, and water had been spurting out all day (I am a teacher and I leave for school at 6:30 a.m. and don’t return until after 3 p.m.). They said they could fix the leak, but I needed someone to come in and dry out the lower cabinets, floor and carpet; they recommended Dry Wizard and called them for me. Jason arrived and immediately set up fans in the kitchen and bedroom. It took three days to dry the damage. Jason was very pleasant, he explained what he was doing, and when he couldn’t return on the third day to pick up the fans, I told him I would store them in my garage until he could pick them up. I called my insurance company (Citizens) and they sent an inspector; based on his report, Citizens sent me a check for $12,000 to cover the damage. The check was made out to me and Dry Wizard. I don’t know why their name was on it, and since the check came later in the mail, I was foolish for not calling and asking why. My insurance company also sent a check for the plumbing repair, and it was made out to me and Bill the Plumber. I called and told them I had already paid the plumber, so they sent me a new check in my name only. I wish I had done the same thing with the other check. I wish I had thought about whether I wanted to hire someone else to install the new kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking logically at the time, or I would have asked if Dry Wizard was even qualified to make repairs. Trust me, they are not. Caleb Suszko came to my house with a cabinet maker who made measurements and asked what I wanted. I was hoping to save money, so I said no to the soft-close doors but yes to pull-out drawers in the lower cabinets. He said my cabinets would be made of ash. I chose a stain, said they could reuse my existing hardware, and agreed to an arch above the sink and crown molding. After that, I didn’t hear a peep out of these people until late August (when I was already back in school). Two men installed the cabinets on a Saturday. I don’t know anything about wood, but they looked cheap to me. They were not as deep as my previous cabinets, so my dishes didn’t fit back in as they had before. They cut the crown molding the wrong size, so they had to nail two pieces together, and they did it right over the sink, in the most conspicuous place possible. In addition, there is a gap in the wall between the cabinet over the sink and the cabinet to the right. For the bottom cabinets, they installed one pull-out drawer in the middle of the cabinet. What good is a drawer in the middle if there isn’t one beneath it to access the stuff you can’t see? They also combined all my single drawers into double drawers. After that Saturday, they never returned. When I looked at the cabiinets the next day, I discovered that the stain was uneven and some parts of the doors were not stained at all. The molding that goes on the ends of the cabinets was missing on three sides, and the bottoms of the cabinets had not been painted. When I contacted Caleb he said the end pieces were not necessary. I asked to have the repairs made anyway, but it was a week before anyone came out. In addition. the workers who completed the rest of the repairs were not licensed for what they were doing. There had been a light over the sink, but with the arch its location was now higher than it had been before. The worker gouged out the wire that was in the wall, installed a new light over the sink, did not put any covering over it, and repaired the wall so poorly there was a depression where the cord had been. I had Caleb out to look at it and he suggested something that sounded really nice to replace it, but the actual repair was the cheapest thing possible, a piece of plastic over the fluorescent lights (which they glued down!) and putty on the wall. The guy who did the work said he was not licensed to do electrical work, and none of the other Dry Wizard employees was licensed to make repairs. I also had a trash can next to the dishwasher that rolled out for removal. They did not replace it, and when I asked about it they told me they didn’t make them anymore. Gee, I went to Lowe’s and found about six different kinds, so I bought a new one myself and asked them to install it. They put the tracks so far back in the cabinet that I could not remove the trash can. Finally, there’s the matter of the microwave over the stove. When they put it back in, it didn’t work. I have no idea why, but I had to buy a new microwave. Then they told me they were not obligated to install the new microwave, just the old one. They finally agreed to install it, but it was crooked and they didn’t vent it! Every time I saw Caleb or emailed him or talked to him on the phone, I asked for an itemized invoice. He refused to provide one and I ultimately wound up endorsing the $12,000 over to him, although I am fairly certain my kitchen does not relfect $12,000 worth of work. I wound up having to hire a handyman to fix the microwave (he said the screws were stripped) and the trash can, smooth the wall over the sink where the wire had been, and unglue the light covering so I can change the bulbs when necessary. I have no problem with the service rendered for the leak, but don’t let Caleb Suszko do your remodel. You will regret it! .

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