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Published: 14 October 2018

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DT advancement seemed like a good deal, in their craigslist ad, they posted $250/week base pay. That sounds good right? So I called the number, and they said they were a family owned company, looking to expand their staff, so I figured,”Hey, what better way to get in with a company than early on?”. They told me to come in for an interview the next monday, and I took all the info and geared up for my interview. I thought it was strange they did not give me a job description like EVERY company EVER. So monday rolls around, and I search up their address on my GPS. Why did the company name not come up for their building search? Ah, no big deal. So i arrive at their “office”. A building in the industrial area off of University Ave. No big deal. I roll up to the parking lot. 15, 20 cars parked. I thought this was a small family owned company looking to expand? No big deal. I walk in, and there is a sign pointing to a full lobby of people waiting for their interviews. I was given a clipboard with a “sign in sheet’. The page was nearly full! Still I remembered how nice the deal sounded, you would have to be crazy to not respond to an ad like that. After watching about 5 people leave an office before me, i was called in. A man named Bryant introduced gimself to me. He seemed like a nice enough guy, though i still did not have any idea what the job was. He proceeded to ask me questions that seemed typical, and after talking for about 10 minutes, he wrote down a number and said to call in at 4:30 to see if I would get a second interview. Why would i need a second interview? No big deal. I called the number at 4:30, like instructed, and was told that i had gotten in for a second interview. Hooray! But what am i doing? She told me that it would all be explained tomorrow. I show up the next day and i am greeted by the same amount of people as before, which troubled me. I walked in, and they ushered me into a room with about 20 others, and a man named Wally started telling us about his childhood, this went on for a good 3 hours, and they started calling us out 1 by 1. When I was called out, he asked me if I would work hard for him and be dedicated. Of course I would! At $1000 a month at 18 I would be more than happy to! So i was invited in for “training”. I came in the next day, expecting to know what I was going to be doing. Nope, instead i saw about 9 people from the previous 2 days back with me. We were brought into the same room, but this time, it was bryant that addressed us. He brought out this big lunky vacuum cleaner, and started explaining what it did. What, are we getting a cleaning job? I was still kind of nervous, and was not bold enough to ask. 4 or 5 hours later, we were let out, and told to come the next day prepared to learn. At this point i was very cautious, due to everyone i talked about to it being disapproving. They warned that i was getting into a scheme and i was going to be scammed out of time and money, but i persisted nontheless. Finally, the day to find out what the hell we are supposed to be doing. Selling kirbys! I had never heard of a kirby, but it was an awesome machine, it did everything better than a regular vacuum, and i was excited to sell to people. One problem. I did not want to do door to door sales, in fear of my safety and respect of people not wanting to be harassed. I asked bryant if we did any door to door sales, and he reassured me MULTIPLE times that i wouldnt be going into strangers homes. I felt much more comforted and continued training. By the end of that day, i knew the ins and outs of a kirby, and he gave me a script to learn. I went home that night and studied like my life depended on it. At $250 a sale of comission, you bet your a*s im going to sell as many as possible. Friday was the same thing as the other days, but at the end of this day, he told us to do at least 3 demos and gave us all kirbys to take home and practice with. I did my demos, i called bryant during them like i was supposed to, and everyone i did my demo for was OUTRAGED at the price. $1400 for a vacuum. Who in their right mind would pay this much, even for a state of the art vacuum. Nobody bought one. But thats okay! becuase Wally said that statistically 1/3 demos is a sale! I must of had a bad streak. I came in monday ready for appointments to do, and prepared to go into peoples homes and demo my very hardest. What reception i got i was very shocked by. Another trainee and I were loaded into a stinky, unmarked mini van, and shipped out to beyond the city limits of wyoming MN. But, i was promised NO door to door. The other guys in the van told me otherwise, and they said that you rarely ever see apointments, and that door to door sales were how you made sales. I was very angry, and i even heard of another trainee making them drive him back to the office due to their scheming and lies. I quit the next day, and got a job doing something honest. If you are into going door to door, and harassing people into high pressure sales, go work for DT advancement. They will shower you with all the hardcore amounts of money you can make, but nobody ever does. By the way, i peeled a sticker off one of their kirby boxes, and it was covering the real price. Let me just say that $1400 is an absolute ripoff, and they con people into buying a vacuum. If you respond to their ad, and you see any of these things happening, please. Listen to me. Im not slandering their name, im just explaining what i wish i knew before i fell victim to their week waste of my time.

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