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Published: 26 February 2018

Posted by: Reviewer45908

1. You apply for jobs listed on their site, most probably fake or copy pasted from other agencies. 2. Then they immediately mail you back saying your CV has been shortlisted and you have to pay up $85.00 to get registered and for the recruitment process to begin. 3. As you mull it over, they flood you with emails, saying your CV has been shortlisted, employers are looking at your CV, will like to conduct your interview, you have to pay up or your CV will be de-listed etc.etc. I got 8 emails in 2 days! 4. Once you pay up they send you an e-receipt saying the fee is valid for 6 months, at the end of which they will refund your money if you did not get a job. 5. After this there is no communication from them, no updates on the recruitment or other jobs. 6. I contacted them after a few weeks asking about the interview and “employers are looking at my CV” crap, and the answer was rude and curt, “employers take their own time”, their tone and attitude then becomes very derogatory. The email replies are unprofessional and all in lower case as if talking down to a kid. 7. After 2 months when I asked for a refund because I had found a job on my own, their reply was “wait for 6 months”. 8. When I wrote back I am not prepared to wait and demanded my refund, they started issuing threats of taking legal action costing me thousands and taking me to court. When I checked on the internet, I was surprised and dismayed to see several blogs devoted to complaints against this site and other people also mentioned of being threatened with getting arrested at Dubai airport if they ever went there, blacklisting them with companies and the litany goes on… 9. If you call their Toronto number, nobody ever answers and if they call you back it is with disguised numbers. Having talked with other people, it seems that thousands have been duped already and these scamsters are cleaning up a neat amount every month. I suspect they do not have any physical office at all and there are just 1 or 2 guys running this internet based fraud.

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