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Published: 02 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

BUYER BEWARE We spent $4,000 on a Bassett couch from Dubois in Temple. I complained about a problem with the couch cushions the first week. After 4 service calls I still had the same problem and at that point they would not return calls. It has now been a year of me calling and complaining after it took me 6 months to receive the couch after it was paid for in full in cash. I first spoke with Rus, the store manager of the Temple location. He told me that if I truly am going to get this fixed rather than the bandaid fixes I have already been given again, that I would have to go through Mr. Jaeger in Waco. He also said when he looked up my transactions that he could see the notes where I had called and was told a manger would call me back but then didn’t. He explained how he has just 2 days prior taken over the Temple location because customer service like this had been common. At this point, both him and Jaeger were both very nice to me, but that was short-lived. Mr. Jaegger was off for two days and I when I reached him at first he said he was going to come see the couch Friday. Somehow that turned into he would send someone to see the couch. He told me to plan on a 45 minute visit. Friday comes and furniture delivery men pulls up in a huge truck. Luis said that he was told he needed to pick my couch up to be fixed. We discussed my complaint (again) and said the couch is hard to get out of because the springs are shot both in the couch and in the cushion. This isn’t what a $4000 couch looks like. He also did not have any sort of paperwork or clipboard. I made him write down his name on a 3×5 card and he wrote, “I, Luis R took Stephanie Moody’s Bassett Leather sofa on 1/22/15,” promising to get this taken care of quickly. Luis came with another man who may not speak English, but Luis was nice and professional, too. He came over knowing I had a true problem and said he was told to take care of me. Monday comes and I have no records from Dubois or even correspondence. I start calling; First Rus, then Mr. Jaegger who doesn’t answer. Suddenly instead of Rus returning my call like he said he was going to, I get a call from Mary in Waco. She uses that condescending fake-nice I’m-pretending-tohave-a-southern-accent voice with me and explained that they have my couch and no one has looked at it. (If you want to see more from Mary, go check out their bbb.org complaint. That is the same manner she took with me as she did with all of the other public complaint. She is condescending and will flat out disregard anything you say or laugh it off like you are suddenly a comedian. )Furthermore Mary went on, it could be several days before anyone does because there are other couches ahead of ours. (How many bad couches do they have each week?!) I ask why I did not get a replacement couch if they were going to hold our couch and not even look at it for an extended amount of time. Her reply was, “to save me money.” Um, up until this point no one had ever said that this was something I would pay for. Why should I be charged for a manufacturer error that was never fixed although I have been complaining about the same thing since day one?! It was discussed that I had the warranty and that this should have been taken care of the first time I complained and had never been. What do they mean save me money?! Then she said they would fasten the cushions back on and return the couch at their convinience Friday when they were already in my area. I stopped. I asked Mary why I would have sent the couch to them just to have the cushions not fixed and just put back on after sitting around a warehouse for a week. Then for the first time Mary started using the word “diagnose.” Keep in mind, Mary has first said no one looked at my couch, but then she said this is how we are going to fix it and give it back to you. Then she asked me what I thought was wrong with it. I reminded her that I have already spoken to 4 people before her (the person who took my initial call, Rus, Jaeger and Luis). Why does she not know what my complaint are? And that it’s the SAME complaint as all of the previous complaint. Then Mary explains that only the leather is warrantied. If the bottom of the couch falls out, the cushions or springs are defective, if the frame is bad, etc. None of these are covered even if it’s the first day you get the couch, but if I would like it diagnosed she can bill me for those repairs. From here she then said she was scheduling my return and that since I don’t want them to they wouldn’t fix anything. No return was scheduled. I hung up and called Rus. At first Rus said I wasn’t giving them the opportunity to fix the problem. During the start of this call he was less-nice and clearly irritated with me. I reminded him that she had said all she was going to do was strap the cushions back in. Then he just said he was only the middle man, I wasn’t being fair to him. He would get my couch back and I would be on my marry way. I told him, Rus, I’m not going to accept a broken couch. If you all still refuse to fix this issue you all can refund my money. He said that would absolutely not happen. I told him that he couldn’t make me open my front door and accept a broken couch and that I would happily file small claims paperwork and reminded him that right now I have no couch and they accepted my payment in full in cash. That’s when Rus said, “You will accept it one way or the other or I will dump it on your front lawn.” I told him I would see him in court and today, 1-27-15 I filed small claims paperwork. In addition to the cost of the furniture that is not in my pocession I will also be asking for time off work and all court fees. As of now, no delivery has been scheduled by the company either. I also wrote an email asking for Michael DuBois to contact me and left my number but that hasn’t been returned either. The springs in the couch and in the cushions are bad. The leather itself is perfect. We have a nice home and I take care of my pocessions. I would like to think that people willing to spend 4x the average cost of a couch would take care of their item. Also, If the frame and springs are bad and it was my fault, wouldn’t the leather likely be flawed? The seats are already worn and the cushions show the linen that the leather is sewn into which is not supposed to be seen. In no way, shape or form is this couch a +$4000 couch. It was not right when they first delivered it and it has never been properly fixed. The first time they said they were fixing it they simply tightened straps although they were the ones to tighten them when the couch was delivered. Trip two consisted of someone taking the couch and cutting the straps and sewing them back into place saying the straps were too long, that was the problem. After that another service call had them velcro-ing the seat cushions. None of these things fixed my initial couch complaint about the cushions moving forward when they shouldn’t. Still after all of these service calls the cushions push forward when you sit on the couch and the linen is showing. Evidentally the fact that when you sit you sink into the couch and it’s hard to get out of is an issue with the springs inside the couch AND inside the cushions. This couch is a pile of junk and it’s in no way, way shape or form due to our negligence and this was not the typical wear that we discussed before i made this purchase. From here I am writing as many reviews as I can. The first review was to their facebook page as both a post and a review. They had a family friend write TWO posts on my review saying how much they like their furniture, and then a second post about how everyone needs to buy the Paula Deen table set like she did. I responded that it sure looked “fishy” that a happy customer would choose to post these comments to my review rather than write their own. After I point out that no one is buying that comment it magically disappears. They also wrote a condescending comment saying I purchased this couch in Feb 2012, when we actually purchased a year later in Feb 2013 and that’s not taking into consideration the amount of time to get our couch after we ordered it, the amount of times it has been taken to “be fixed,” the fact I don’t have it now and the fact that they aren’t honoring the manufacturer’s warranty OR the five year warranty that they charged me TWICE- once on the sofa and again on the ottoman. They’re untruthful. They write their own reviews. They bully. They are rude and condescending. They don’t put anything in writing or give you any paperwork when they pick up or say they are “fixing” anything. My court fees thus far are already $122. I’ll be asking for court fees and lost time at work, also. My small claims paperwork are filed and I will see you you in court, DuBois!

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