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Published: 07 August 2019

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Now a day’s people are mostly concern about their health especially when it comes to their health. They want themselves to be healthy and fit, to live a healthy and good life they consult one of the best doctors in town who can take care of them. Especially when it comes to the dental problems they want to make sure that they are treated according to the highest standards. The doctors should be friendly and make a suitable environment so that the patient does not feel anxiety while having his treatment. People before consulting a dental clinic go through a lot of research to get one of the best practitioners in town, but some those falls in a trap where they are scammed are keen to make money only. Dental clinics like Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry is been rated poor by customers. They don’t treat their patients properly. Lately, there have been reports that the doctors at Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry are un-trained, they are not professional and follow practices which cause the patients to go through agony. Customers have reported that the doctors at Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry have got a bad attitude and they don’t maintain a healthy relationship with their patients and they have decided to change their dental consultant. Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry is currently operating in Durham, North Carolina, USA.
You should be equipped with the latest technology and have one of the medical service providers to make your patient comfortable, because whenever the dental problem is the concern of people they always feel scared while visiting dental clinics. Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry has not been able to provide a healthy environment to their patients so that they don’t have anxiety and they feel comfortable. The place at Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry is horrible and the patient has to go through a lot of pain. Their doctors are not experienced and they lack in knowledge, their delivery of information and treatment plan is awful. I had found a much better dental clinic than Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry in the same area.
You should not be wrongly committing your patients because it will give a reflection that you are liars. One of the customers who went there for just a regular cleaning was told that Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry was in his insurance plan and thus he would not have to pay for the services, but after the services the patient got to knew that they are not in his insurance plan and he ended up paying a large bill for just a simple cleaning which is unethical not to mention and misguide your patients. This shows that clinics like Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry are just keen to make money from customers pocket rather than ensuring the health of their patients.
One of the customers reported that doctors at Duke Street Pediatric Dentistry don’t know how to have a good conversation with your patients. She reported that one of the doctors called her daughter drama queen which does not suit them. She thinks that she should change the services now.

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