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Dun and Bradstreet guys are the worst people running dis shitty scam!
They’ve compelled me to write this report right now!
I’ve been really upset with the kind of work they’re doing with people having their account with them. They force you to pay money for every petty thing.
I got a call from D & B on 6th of March.

They’re telling me that we’re calling you out of courtesy.. You have your account with us and we don’t want to have anything negative with u. and that they just wanted me to know that there has been some negative thing reported against my business on their platform and I should have a check on it.

I asked what report or negative item does it contain? To this, he says he would forward to me a free copy of my report but that might take some time. For that moment I seriously thought I had something negative and if anyone tells u such a thing, it’s obviously alarming for anyone.

I waited for the free copy to arrive for 5 days but it didn’t. Then I lost patience and went online. I wanted to have a check on it. So when I clicked on the button the dialogue box popped up saying that I gotta pay to view the report! I gotta pay to view a report on my own bloody business.. Seriously buddy?

These people are literally beggars.. They ask money for every single thing in the world. Before this also they’ve been calling me for the management of my company profile on their website. They would charge extra bucks for that obviously! Even the updation of the information about my company cannot be made without paying some extra bucks to these assholes!

They have been wrongly saying all this while that you have your company profile for free on this platform! There’s nothing for free. Every small petty thing is for a price which disgusts me big time! After a total span of 7 days, they call me again telling that the issue is really critical… that this thing has been reported against your business! They wanted that I should take care of it as soon as it’s possible for me.
When I asked on the phone where is the free copy they promised, they tell me that you have to buy a service for $89 in order to view that and take an action on that. These guys are completely fraudulent and crook!!
I have a buddy of mine who’s there on the D n B and has an account. I asked him to look up for any such report and if it is a serious one I could have taken an initiative against the same. He checked twice and told me that there was no negative report as such and being my friend he obviously made a thorough check.
Now these people are nothing short of assholes you see! They ask you to pay up front for every fucking thing in the world and have no dignity at all!
Today they say something else tomorrow they’ll be up to something completely else! This is just one of the cheap sales tactic maybe. They call you and place a doubt in your head that your business might have a negative report so that you get anxious about it and pay for viewing it.
This is just so cheap of them to scare people and then tell them to purchase to view a report. How is dis an ethical business? There should be a platform where we could complain against such assholes and get their business shut. This is no way to cheat people for extra bucks on every step. They’d not be able to build an empire this way!

If we’d not pay a heed to their useless sales calls, they’ll know that people have understood their cheap tricks.
This platform should not be used to check on the authenticity of any business at the first place when they’re themselves a fraud! Their own report should be posted on their platform… Every fucking fraud trick should be mentioned and people should be made aware of these fucking beggars!
In all, these D n B guys are assholes who are just looking for people to fall a prey to them. Save your money and time everyone!


  1. samantha October 15, 2018
  2. gary October 15, 2018

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