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Published: 31 December 2019

Posted by: Elvis

I renovated my primary bathroom during the summer of 2010 and wanted a new bathroom window. I obtained 3 quotes from large established window and door installation companies. I went with Duraco because they were the lowest quote and because a work calleage was also having her windows and doors replaced by the same company around the same time. During the in-home measurement, I asked both the salesperson and the fellow measuring the window (who was also the installer) pointed questions about how my new window would fit given the new bathroom tiles on the wall near the side of the window. I also showed them the actual peices of the narrow wood frame I wanted installed around the window’s interior. I was concerned about the final fit because the narrower width of the frame I selected was the only width that would fit between the existing window and the tile. I was assured that I could use the frame and the tiles would not be an issue. Installation of the window included installation of the final interior frame. When they installed the new (custom made) window, there was a 3-inch gap under the window and the gap was larger than the frame I had picked out. In other words, they told me I would have to use a different frame for my window, have different widths of frame on the sides versus the top and bottom and they would use an “offcut” mitre on the corners. (i.e. not a normal cut). I told them to remove the window and make me a new window which would fit. I just spent $10, 000 on redoing my bathroom trimmed in a particular wood finish and I wasn’t about to put on make-shift frames or mis-matched wood on a new custom-made window! The installer and company walked off the job, telling me it was my responsibility to fix the problem and I could hire a drywall contractor to fill the 3-inch gap in with drywall!!! Or maybe I could contract with a speciality wood shop to custom-build me some type of framing solution! Phone calls and emails to the company were met with the same refrain – “Let us know when you come up with a solution – we are still willing to install a frame if you can find one”. They also told me they weren’t willing to consider any kind of discount because there was nothing wrong with the window – it could be framed and so what if I didn’t like it or it looked terrible! After much searching and enquiries, I managed to find an alternate size of wood frame and alternate method of installing it called a butt join. (Straight cuts on corners instead of mitering). The company came out when I requested and attached the new wood peices according to my directions. I deducted the extra cost of the new frame materials from my final cheque. The only reason I paid them is that I was certain a company like that would take advantage of our region’s laws and attach a builder’s lien to my house for the unpaid remaining amount. When I talked to my work colleague, I found out her experience with the company was an even worse nightmare. They have installed and re-installed her front door four times now and it still doesn’t fit right. You can see daylight through the crack, they can’t lock it and the company is once again insisting it is just fine. If you need to install a new window or door in your house and you live in the Winnipeg area, DON’T USE DURACO. I wouldn’t have minded if they made a mistake and then admitted it and fixed it – but to leave a window half-finished with winter coming on and say the customer has to fix the problem is beyond belief.

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