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Run by FRAUDS, is FRAUD and offers FRAUD services!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Reed

There have been several accounts of futile business deals with Dustin Hahn International that I have read about and experienced myself that I am really not sure whether they are to be trusted at all. I have gone through their infomercials and I see there will be money involved in associating with them and I don’t want anyone to be scammed. They claim to provide a lot of training material like sales/training materials at a relatively cheap price. I was really taken by the volume at first and was really impressed at all that they would be providing at like $54.00. I ordered everything they were offering at that rate. I had paid for it through my debit card btw for which I still have a receipt and a record of money being deducted. The course I had opted for was “Real Estates Best Kept Secrets.” What was promised to me was a bunch of material including several PDF downloadable documents along with several training CD’s.

Now the moment of truth arrived when the time for delivery came. I received one 30-page PDF document with absolutely worthless information within that I am pretty sure no one in the world can avail any benefit from on real estate. These unworthy liars first of all sent me useless material and on top of that, have never bothered to reply to me and respond to my emails or telephone calls. I WANT A FULL REFUND OF MY MONEY! I gave them repeated warnings via email that I will report of the incident to my State Attorney Generals Office and that is exactly what I am going to do if no action comes out of this.

The company seems sketchy already, I mean even from the start. I don’t know how I fell for it. These crooks are so lousy in their follow ups. I know of this other person who had signed up for this The Dustin Hahn International Real Estate Action Seminar they offer. And I mean this is some serious stuff with some serious money involved. They offered him to pay in instalments an amount of $6000 or pay all together upfront $5000. Now, this guy was really serious about the seminar and he handed over $5000 all at once. Another one of his friends was interested as well so he reserved another seat for him by paying $500. As it turns out =, his seat had to be cancelled. And naturally he expected a full refund to be made. Imagine what happened? Any guesses? They refused to pay him back and they were all quite smug about it. They told him it was a non-refundable reservation which is a complete lie because they had told him in the beginning that it could be cancelled. He cited medical problems and was willing to produce a document to prove that the medical issues were real and there was no way his friend could attend it. The seat was cancelled a week before. Later on, they refused to pick up calls altogether and when he threatened to report to the police, they were quite smug about and asked him to carry on and he still wouldn’t get a refund.

It seems to be pattern with them. They will have you sign you for all sorts of substandard courses and trainings and deliver shit. On top of that, they will even not redound your money. No follow ups. No emails. Phone calls. NOTHING!

Cheats! I am so exasperated. I want justice to be served to them. These liars have to be brought down. Dustin Hahn International is run by FRAUDS, is FRAUD and offers FRAUD services!

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