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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The company that I work for utilized DVX for its telephone system. Conveniently, immediately after the one-year warranty expired on the phone system, the phones started to go hay wire. We had to pay almost $1,000 to fix the issue. This included a ridiculous charge of $195.00 for each “trip” DVX had to make (this includes the initial assessment just to tell us how their inferior product failed us) + labor and parts. We were informed that we did not include “maintenance” when we bought our package, and that’s why everything is so costly. We have phone systems in our corporate office that have worked perfectly fine for years that haven’t required maintenance. How many people out there, how many businesses can honestly say that after ONE year their phone systems start to break down. Why would you expect to constantly need maintenance on a phone system? Fast forward two months and our phones are not working again. They want to charge us $195.00 for EACH TRIP again. They want us to pay to replace parts that are no longer working. I honestly think this company is a huge scam and the reason that we have had multiple problems is because it’s designed that way. We “don’t have maintenance” is code for them to try and nickel-and-dime our company to the every extent possible. Future DVX customer, I ask you this: if your business lines go down constantly, wouldn’t you be irritated and wouldn’t you want your lines fixed immediately? Would you want to pay almost $700 to get someone to come over that same day just to simply assess what’s wrong? That’s what they charge you if you need “emergency services” and you “don’t have maintenance” What a sham company. If you want your phones to stop working after a year, by all means give them more business. If you want quality service and quality products, then use another company. Since this is now the second time I’ve had the privilege of dealing with these unprofessional, disgusting people, I’ve also had the privilege of dealing with their joke of a customer service department. I’ve been put on hold while in the middle of speaking three times now. Also, literally in the middle of speaking, the woman who answered the phone would put me on hold. Completely unprofessional. .

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