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Published: 13 January 2018

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I was referred to Dwight K. Randall by an individual known as William “Bill” Jeske. Bill is in fact a gem cutter and has the ability to cut some acceptable material, however, what I now know of his criminal record and how he engaged in criminal double teaming, I obviously wouldn’t recommend doing business with him. Bill Jeske frequently has a booth at gem and rock cutting club shows. If you’re interested in something he doesn’t have, he’ll tell you he’s going to try and procure it for you. Then, he’ll call you with Dwight’s contact information and tell you that “Dwight has stage 4 cancer and he needs to get rid of some really nice stuff.”. So, if you’re looking for something rare, unusual, Dwight will tell you he has the material you seek, and of very high quality and offer to meet you at a common place near an interstate off ramp. Before meeting you, however, Dwight will provide you with his own “personal experience” in cutting gemstones. Of which he has absolutely none! You meet Dwight and he will produce some beautiful looking stones of th variety you’re looking for. Those of course, are not for sale. But, ” if [he decides he likes] you, and he passes away, [he is] keeping a list of stones and “future buyers” for his trustee, a nurse practitioner named Gail to adjudicate as part of his estate. Dwight will work heavily on the pity angle. Going to the extent of showing you, a fabricated insurance policy issued by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and copies various cancer related diagnostic studies. I have worked in healthcare 20+ years and have never, ever had a cancer patient produce copies of their latest PET or CT scan to validate their disease status. I went through a battery of questions, stone source, cutter, technique he used to cut. When I asked him to produce a loupe to view the stones. He’d always claim to have “forgotten” it and will say, “you can trust me, these are like my children. I just want to make sure they’ll go to the kind of home that will value them.”. He will tell you that if you don’t have all the money up front, you can make payments to him, which need to be in cash or made payable to his nurse Gail for Social Security reasons. Long and short, my trust in this individual cost me dearly. I took the stones to a jeweler to have them set and received a very grim phone call informing me that every last stone I bought from Dwight was either fair or unuseable due to the fractures, extensive inclusions, etc. We’re not talking about 1 or 2 stones. This fraud involved about 25 stones. I took the stones to another establishment hoping that the other guy was off base, but he wasn’t. I got screwed big time by Cancer Boy and his friend Bill Jeske. I found out later that Dwight has done nothing but the slabbing of rock and has absolutely no experience in cutting gemstones and is seen at Milwaukee/Chicago area gemstone auctions buying low grade material for his next fraud. And, as if Dwight wasn’t already greedy enough, he will quote you a price, write it down, and the next time you meet to pay him off, the price per carat will have got up $50/ct. and he’ll swear that was the price he quoted you.

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