Dwyer Water Wells, LLC.

Dwyer Water Wells, LLC.

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Xurli is the biggest joke of a marketing company. After all the setup fees and a few monthly payments I saw absolutely zero results and was only added to a handful of directories with multiple errors in my information, phone number, business name, even address etc. After I asked what was going on, I was told that the website I had wasn’t “smart” which wouldn’t allow them to perform SEO for me.. why not mention this before you took multiple months of payments? To continue, they said I needed to pay $1500 for a new “smart” website, I said no. They said okay $500 and guaranteed satisfaction. The sample was the worst excuse of a website I’d ever seen. The website I built myself looked 100 times better, despite building it in my free time while building a business and being a single father of a 4 year old. I’ve been taken advantage of by Xurli and they should never receive another client based on the lack of character and honesty this company represents. I’ve made 3 cancellation calls since this happened and every month I’m told it’s cancelled then charged another $200 at the end of every month. I’ll update once I’m finally able to cancel my service. Xurli has been a nightmare for me and my company. I do not wish their service on any of my competitors or the like.

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