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Yet Another Investment Fraud by Dynamic Direct Funding – Expert at Stealing Other’s Money

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Published: 21 August 2017

Posted by: David C. Boris

Michael Miksch from Dynamic Direct Funding or Biotek, whatever company name he wants to give it, is a big ass fraud. Under the name of these companies, this asshole is stealing money from people. I am Rachael and I and my husband invested in this fraud’s business. He said he has a great idea for an upcoming business and convinced us to invest in it. He took $80000 from us and now we can’t reach his cell number and there is no reply on the emails.
We found his LinkedIn profile online www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmiksch and tried sending him messages there. We invested in his so-called business six months ago and we kept hearing excuses as to something is not ready or something else came up and then there were no phone calls or answering our calls. This man is a big fraud and the company Dynamic Direct Funding is a scam. This company does not even exist. He keeps moving from one place to another and calls it the office.
The website is no more working and he has taken investment money from a lot of places. I found few people who he has scammed. I am trying to reach out to them and consult a lawyer to sue this man. I won’t let go of my hard earned $80000 just like that. There is an interesting angle to this too. He has “partners” in this firm is what he told us when we initially paid him the money. Turns out they are his family, especially his son. Who does that? Who involves their family in such a disgusting act of cheating?
Now that I am looking this person up, there are so many complaint about his scamming and conning people and not returning them their money. This is really ridiculous. Apparently, he has taken a lot of money from different people and is now in hiding. He is such a disgusting person. He keeps telling lie and involves his friends and partners and puts them at risk too. I am amazed to see how far a person can go to steal other’s money. Yes, this is clearly stealing. He can give ass many excuses he wants but the truth remains the same.
Some people are just too confident to think they can get away with this kind of shit. Such assholes should be put behind bars. God knows how many poor souls in Florida have been scammed by this asshole. There is someone called Mark who is also involved in this fraud of his. He showed us a proper plan and it seemed quite legit. It seems like there were a lot of underlying illegal issues with the plan. We should have been more careful but he seemed so convincing that we couldn’t figure it out.
We want to make sure that more people don’t become a victim to this scam. All the excuses that he gives and lies he tells need to stop now. He is an asshole who doesn’t want to work and spend like a king. I won’t let that happen. He straight up lied on our face so convincingly. He is a psychopath and a big asshole that has no skills except telling lies. He should be beaten really badly. He is running a big scam and needs to be put behind jail. I saw him replying to some of the negative reviews and when I comment on them, he doesn’t reply. He knows he can’t say anything that will justify stealing $80000 from us. We were looking at investing in a good business and not be a part of this pathetic scam.
I am already in talks with a good attorney who is helping me in building a strong case against Dynamic Direct Funding’s fraud. If you or any of your family or friends has been burnt because of this fuckwit, please do get in touch with me. Together we can make sure that this criminal gets what he deserves and we get justice. It is high time that Michael Miksch realises he can’t get away with this fraud game he has been playing since a long time. What goes around, come around and it is his time to pay. I am sure there are many people out there who are angry and pissed at this asshole. I want to reach out to all of them so that we all make sure that he learns a good hard lesson.

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