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These frauds fooled me! NOT RECOMMENDED at all

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

According to the world, the winners are those who are led by ambition but the fact is that the real winners are those who are led by both ambition and passion. It is ironic to see those who lecture others about following passion are the ones who themselves are fueled by only ambition. In a world which is evolving and which is so full of opportunities, it would be foolish to not follow passion. The person who is sensible enough to follow his or her passion with a sense of ambition is the one who truly succeeds in life in addition to living to the fullest.
Me and my friends had always been called the ‘Ambitious Group’ because we were always focused and determined at anything that we did, be it having fun, or working on a project. All of us luckily were fueled by both passion and ambition. Since the beginning of our friendship, all of us shared a common interest – Music. When we all got admissions in respected colleges, we decided it was now the time to follow our passion and fulfill the dream of creating a band. We were really determined to study hard as well put in time for the betterment of the band.
Since it was getting difficult for us to move around without any vehicle, we decided to pool in our savings and invest in something that would not only help us move around as a group but also make it easier for us to store our music equipment. We decided to get our very own trailer. Since neither of us had any knowledge about trailers, we decided to turn to the wisest of them all – Google. All of us did our research on the pros and cons of a trailer and even made a list of suitable shops and companies selling trailers. After a long discussion all of us mutually decided to choose Dynamite Trailers after reading the reviews.
All of us went to the place and started looking for an employee. Finally, after a long time, we met the employee who was going to convince us to buy a trailer from their place. He started off by showing us the most expensive trailer and urged us to buy it. Since it was out of our budget, we told him about it. After listening to us say that we could not afford it, he lost interest and started showing us more trailers less enthusiastically. It took us some time but we finally found a trailer which seemed perfect for us. The guy suddenly put in all his energy to convince and we were convinced. We bought the trailer and It felt like a milestone.
It had not been a week since the purchase that the trailer started having problems. It started with the headlight, then came the battery, followed by the gears and finally finished with the engine’s totaling. When we got it checked by a mechanic, he laughed at us saying that we had been fooled by the trailer company as we had been sold a very trailer which had recently been polished to look new.
We called the place but there was no answer. When we went down there in person, we were denied of both replacement and refund. I can assure you that you would never, ever want to buy a trailer from Dynamite Trailers ever. My recommendation is to stay away as far away from the place as possible.

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