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Published: 23 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was in the market for a loan but with bad credit I knew it would be difficult going to the bank. So I decided to use the internet as my source for the loan. I received a call from a Mr. Franco from E-Loan Financial telling me I had been approved for a $3500 loan. He first informed me I would need to pay $68 for filing fees. I thought that sounded legit and it did not occur to me otherwise when he told me to use a specific card to put the money on as I couldn’t put it on a debit card. It was a Vanilla Reload – I went and did it and called him him the info/pin number. The next morning I received a call from him that because my credit was a bit messed up I would need to pay an additional $159 as insurance and I would get that money back after 3 months. He was very insistant that I do it right away so back to the CVS and got another one of those cards and called him with the pin number. Later in the afternoon he called me back to tell me that there was a $475 pay day loan from November 2013 that I did not pay off. He then said that I would have to take care of that and we could settle it at 50% off. I did not have the money and told him that but he was getting insistant and rude with me. I told him to call me next day. I have nothing that says I did this loan for the amount he stated. When I talked to him I told him that it was not mine and I was not going to pay it until I was given proof of the validity of the loan. He has yet to provide me with the name of the people I did the loan through and the only thing I do know is somebody used Cash Advance – who are not lenders but they give your info to lenders. He told me I was going to expect a call from a John Carter about this. Ok so I have forgot to mention that in a 3 day period I received a total of about 35 phone calls some of which were made 2 minutes apart. I talkd with Mr. Carter who told me I was going to pay the money – would not listen to mewhen I said it was not mine and that somehow the company made a mistake with the name or social security number. It started into being a shouting match over the phone where foul language was used by both sides. I ended the call saying he was going to have to prove to me that the loan was mine and he said that he would email me the information. When I received it 2 hours later, the only thing on it was the amount and had my name on it along with my social security number all of which he could off my application through him and not this so-called other company. He also went on to say I was going to have to go to court over this and that basically I was lying to him about thisad that there would be a possibility I could go to jail for not paying the $475 – I wanted to call him a liar but refrained myself from doing so. I still have no idea who this company is how much the loan was originally and whether anyone had ever made payments on this. My blood pressure starts to rise everytime I see that number 202-241-8313 show up on my caller id. Unfortunately my cell phone does not allow me to block incoming calls and I am considering having my pfone changed to get them off my back. I am sorry I ever talked to either of them about a loan – I should just have decided on some other way to catch up with my bills. Has anyone else had a problem with these people or place and / or excessive phone calls from that phone numbers? I am not sure what else I can do or who to call.

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