Eagle Rock Apartments at Hicksville

Eagle Rock Apartments at Hicksville

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

You can do better than these apartments! I am a victim of living in poor conditions at Eagle Rock Apartments in Hicksville, which is managed by Eagle Rock Management in Plainview NY. These problems have happened spontaneously since I have lived here and it would cost me double the price to move out to another apartment, which I am financially unable to do. | I am miserable here living in these apartments and you should know about my factual experience and my opinions of why I think these things. Check out my review below and why you shouldn’t do business with Eagle Rock Management when it comes to the Eagle Rock Apartments in Hicksville NY. There are several other apartment complexes in the area if you look around a bit more. | Here are the reasons why I think you shouldn’t live at the Eagle Rock Apartments in Hicksville NY: | Loud Neighbors | I had people living above me when I first got here and they had a child that continuously ran around on the hard floors upstairs, late at night and early in the morning, and it sounds like someone is banging a rubber mallet on the floor. | I complained to Mario Gonzalez at the front office who warned them, but they quieted down for a little and then started to do it again. They moved out and another person moved in who threw a party on a Monday night at 10 PM. | I got a small handful of hours of sleep that night and after I complained he has quieted down a bunch. But, you’d be lucky to have neighbors who care about being quiet, and the staff at Eagle Rock don’t really enforce their “requirement” to have carpeting down on 80% of the apartment. You can do better than these apartments. | Water Problems | My water was over 170 degrees when I moved here. It was scalding hot and it made my apartment temperature get up to 80 degrees, even in the winter with the heat off. I complained and they constantly lied to me telling me that people in some apartments were not getting hot water. | I spoke to the tenants in my building who lived in the furthest apartment from the boiler on the second floor and they said their water was scalding hot all the time. Another tenant told me that they do this at their other buildings too and that it was so hot that he got nose-bleeds from it. | After a tenant lodged a complaint to the town, Eagle Rock was forced to install safety devices on their lines to prevent the temperature from burning the skin of its tenants. After this device was installed the temperatures in my apartment cooled off 5 degrees, which was noticeable, but still was too warm inside all the time. | Recently, they changed something in the boiler room which made the temperature of the water temperature fall to around 100 or below, which feels too cool when you try to shower or wash your hands. They continuously pretend that they did not change anything and don’t know why, but there is no reason water temperatures would fall from 170 to 95 without any physical change to the equipment or settings. | They have not fixed my water and put it to the standard temperature, which is 130 degrees. This is a reason why you shouldn’t do business with Eagle Rock Apartments. | Hot Temperatures | As I just mentioned, the water temperatures were so hot, that my apartment was way too hot inside all the time. I continuously run my air conditioners to cool it off all the time, and there is a base-board heater in the kitchen that runs most of the time and cannot be turned off. | The temperatures in the apartment are so hot, that I run the air conditioners all the time in the winter. I thought it was shameful that I had my air conditioners on while it was snowing outside, seeing over 2 inches of snow outside on the ground. I have complained to them many times and they say there is nothing they can do about the problem. This is why you shouldn’t do business with Eagle Rock Management. | Noise Problems | I chose an apartment that has a dumpster right outside. Literally 15 feet outside my window. People throw loud heavy things in the dumpster all night and day, and it makes a loud noise like a gong that will constantly wake you up. | I spoke to the staff at Eagle Rock Management and they said the dumpsters could not be moved because the trash truck would not be able to pick up the garbage if they moved the dumpsters further away. When the trash truck came after this, I went outside and observed that the truck had a lot of room, and could pick it up if they moved it further away from the building. | The driver from Jamaica Ash even admitted that he could pick up and empty the dumpster if it was put in between the buildings, instead of right up against the windows where people live and sleep. Eagle Rock Management was untruthful for telling me that they could not do this, and for reasons like this you should not choose to do business with Eagle Rock Management. | Cockroaches and Mice | I never had a cockroach in any apartment that I lived in until I moved here. There were various holes in the walls where pipes come through and other openings that allowed a severe infestation of cockroaches to crawl around my apartment. I put a cockroach trap down next to one of the holes and it filled up with around 40 cockroaches. | See the picture attached of the trap with the cockroaches in it. I even found a baby cockroach crawling in bed with me one night. I have had the exterminator come about 5 times since I have been here and recently I have found a mouse running around in my apartment. This mouse got in either from the holes in the wall or by squeezing under the gap of my front door. | I also hear other tenants complaining about mice all the time and hear the mice crawling through the walls. The management has done very little for me other than put down a few traps and try to close up the holes from the infestation that is obviously in the walls and floors around my apartment. For this reason, you shouldn’t do business with Eagle Rock Management. | Mold | Recently I came home and smelled something atrocious in my apartment. It smelled just like rotting roadkill and I could not figure out what it was. After spending some time going around my apartment searching for the origin of the smell, I opened the cabinets under my sink and was hit with a powerful breeze of the nasty smell. | I found that the sink leaked and caused a black spot of mold below. After cleaning it the smell went down for a while but returned some days later. This time I got closer and smelled that it was emanating from the crack between the cabinet/countertop and wall, which used to be caulked but is so old that it fell apart. | The mold was growing in the crack and to clean it you would need to remove the sink/countertop/cabinets, which would be a big operation. They came and caulked the crack shut, which made the smell go down a lot again, but I can still smell a little coming through other little cracks that I am currently looking at now. | They offered me the ability to vacate, but only on my own expense, which would be thousands to put down on another apartment and time to move and costs for a moving truck and application process, which is such a burden that I cannot afford right now. I asked to be moved into another room in the building, but they refused. There are 2 vacant rooms in my building that I know about and I wasn’t offered either one. For reasons like this, you should not do business with Eagle Rock Management. | Poor Treatment by the Staff | Since I have lived here and had to complain about all of the things going on, I have had mostly bad experiences with the staff. A man named Mario Gonzalez is one of their representatives at the Hicksville location. | When I first moved here he was reluctant to call me back and would always have an excuse or tell me that he would look into things, about these problems, which obviously aren’t fixed. After I complained about cockroaches one time, they entered my apartment without my permission, and I was upset to see a notice on the counter inside when I got home. | The female named Laura who “used” to work at the front office became loud with me when I told her I was upset that they came in without my permission and I said I was going to complain. She angrily replied, “YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!!!” In place of her is another woman named Denise Fabella Palmer. | After complaining about the mold in my apartment Denise told me that there wasn’t much she could do for me other than have people come in and look at the mold issue when they come in on Monday. She was very rigid and condescending and you could tell she was angry with me being upset about my apartment. | Remember, my apartment smelled like a dead animal inside because of the mold issue next to the sink. After the weekend of sleeping in the nasty smell that made me tired and my voice hoarse, they came and looked at the place where I said the mold was, which was a crack next to the sink that water got down into from the leaky faucet. | They acknowledged the smell and told me to try opening a window and they observed a black stain on the wood where mold was growing before I wiped it away with cleaner. I then got an email from Denise Palmer which complained about me having a dog in my apartment, which she has never seen before, and told me that the men did not detect any mold. | So what really happened is they ignored my request for fixing the mold problem, and instead Mario Gonzalez and the other maintenance worker went back and told her about my dog, which Mario knew about for over the last year, knowing that it is medically prescribed, and he has even pet my dog many times before. | Denise then entered me into the billing system as having a dog so that I would get billed for it, and I saw a $50 dollar charge on my account a few weeks later. I will never, ever, pay this charge, and her doing this is harassment, retaliation, and discrimination of my medical need for the dog. Because the staff at Eagle Rock Apartments is incompetent, rude, and unhelpful, you should not do business with Eagle Rock Management. | Please be considerate of the aforementioned FACTS and OPINIONS and see any pictures that are attached to draw your own conclusion!

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