one of my biggest mistakes to think that they would help

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Published: 11 April 2019

Posted by: matthew

I’m really sad that I have to write this post. I don’t like to complain or post reviews online; however, Eargo has made it impossible for me to stay put. Today I want to share my dreadful and shocking experience with Eargo so fewer people make the mistake of trusting this company for their hearing problems.

I am a 63-year-old guy living in California, I don’t have much to do in life but I still need to hear my grandkids singing. I have been facing hearing issues for many years, one of my friends recommended I buy the Eargo Hearing Aids.

For the last 2 years, I have been facing many issues regarding my Hearing Aids. Every time I ask the Eargo employee to replace the product, they just make an excuse to cancel my call. I bought these hearing aids exactly 2 years from today for $96 per month; I am in debt of around $350.

I mainly started facing problems with the product when I made calls while using Eargo. I couldn’t hear the other person on the phone clearly and when I shared my problem with the customer service rep of Eargo they told me that I should trim the Flexi Fibres and switch up the right hearing aid with the left one. However that solution didn’t work, so I thought that I would return one hearing aid and get the other one repaired. The first hearing aid was completely broken and the company told me not to get it replaced and get their new hearing aid instead. They called me more than 4 times every day for a week after which I agreed to buy their new hearing aids. I told them that it does not seem like a really beneficial deal to me and they should have just replaced my current hearing aid as it was defective. I wanted to talk to their manager, but they wouldn’t put me through. The customer support told me that I wasn’t allowed to talk to the supervisor. So I asked them whether I could get their board member’s contact information or not and they refused to give me that as well. The customer rep contacted me a few days later and said that she would send me their latest hearing aids for a price of $495. I told her that I owned the product merely for a year and a half and the hearing aid was not working properly in the first place. It was totally absurd of her to ask me to pay $500 for their new hearing aid; all I wanted was a simple replacement.

After dozens of calls and emails, she told me that she cannot give me a replacement and this is the only choice I have. I refused to buy the $500 hearing aids because they just don’t seem worth the money. I am using the 1 hearing aid that works and I’m paying the monthly EMI for the product.

This company is not trustworthy and it was one of my biggest mistakes to think that they would help an old fella.

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