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Published: 04 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Earthlink business website sales foriengers can’t set up 5 domains and get it right. We ended up cancelling. We spelled it out for them in eMail as well. After 3 months cancelled. Had two other accounts we paid in advance and they stole our money with miss billing. We can’t get our money credited back. Even after contacting Vice Presidents through They lie as much as their hard core business website foriengers. Went back through invoices and showed we never recieved the promotions they promised. Was told website was 24.00/month by their sales foriegn shyters, because domain registration was FREE. Then, found we were charged for domain registration after all. Now, BAIT AND SWITCH, we can’t get our money back. Tried for (2) months to get it al; straight. And, we were good paying customers. Only to have smoke blown up our —- by Vice Presidents we found through WE BELIEVE THEIR FORIGNERS LIE ON PUPOSE TO SIGN UP ACCOUNTS SO THEY WON’T BE FIRED. AND THEN, BAIT AND SWITCH. BAIT AND SWITCH IS A FEDERAL CRIME !!!! Contact the Vice Presidents through and publish their names with crimes. There has to be Federal Crime: Department of Justice, Federal Wire Curruption laws. We will report this to all Federal authorities. The so called, Vice Presidents, are like dealing with stupid kids ! They are very young and can’t handle adult responsibilities or knowledge.

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