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Published: 08 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On or about October 5th, 2014 my wife and I bought this vehicle from East & West Coast Auto. As we were taking delivery we noticed a message on the dashboard device to “Check the Gas Cap”. One of the mechanics came out and checked the system. The message disappeared from the console. The next day when my wife left for work the message reappeared. We brought the vehicle back to the dealership so that they could work on it. They ended up putting on a new gas cap but that didn’t fix the problem. THEY THEN INFORMED US THAT THIS WAS COVERED UNDER THE $1500 3YR WARRANTY THAT WE HAD BOUGHT. Unfortunately, IT WASN’T (the mechanic we took it to INTEGRITY AUTO told us up front that ALL WARRANTIES wouldn’t cover this work/ he did call the warranty company to verify but just as he had assumed he was correct) so we ended up PAYING $110 just for a DIAGNOSTIC TEST and an additional $178 to FIX THE PROBLEM. The mechanic that we took it to did a 51 POINT INSPECTION. They found problems with the BREAK PADS & STRUTS (big time money fix). I don’t expect a vehicle with 115 thousand miles on it to be pristeen but to PASS OFF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to fix something that was an inherent issue to begin with is WRONGFUL NEGLECT AND DECEIT TO A CUSTOMER. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN AND

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