East Coast Moving And Storage

East Coast Moving And Storage

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Published: 05 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I did an online quote for several companies at one time , east coast moving and storage called me, with the lowest quote, I was moving from Dallas Texas to Lynchburg Virginia and was looking to leave by Wednesday afternoon. well when the sales rep called they said that they were delivering on Tuesday and that the truck would be headed back this way on Wednesday so it came out perfectly. so I went over the inventory they quoted me a price it was reasonable and they said the deposit would be 400 and then when the driver got there you’d give them 30% and at the end we would pay the remainder. so I went ahead and locked in the deal paid the 400 off of my checking account that was on the Sunday afternoon. so Tuesday night gets here I get a call from the driver himself saying that he took a job in Houston and it’s taking longer than expected so he would be there Wednesday night I said no problem and then Wednesday morning he called me and said that he still wasn’t done with the job for Houston and it would be Thursday morning okay. well the landlord he told me I had until Thursday at noon to leave so on Thursday morning he calls me and tells me he can probably do it either Friday night or Saturday morning. at this point he had rescheduled three different times so I lost it and I told him I have to be out by noon today. so I went to budget and rented me, my own truck that cost a $550 loaded it up myself with the help of my family of course and we left at 1 we get to Lynchburg August 5th. | I called the company and cannot reach him I called him 20 times in one day and cannot reach her and then on the 6th I finally get a hold of the “customer service manager” Reggie. He tells me that he will put in my claim to the dispatcher who does all of the refund checks and that they will cut the check on a Friday cuz that’s when they cut the checks. one Friday comes and goes I called them oh I can’t find your file so I called back on next Monday same thing checks were cut on Friday this went on for 3 weeks. 1 week Reggie told me that the woman who had been in charge of cutting the checks has been closing file saying that they were paid and there was account from November that hadn’t gotten their refund check so that that woman was fired and they were in the middle of training a new person that things would get handled it. so I wait a few days and call him back and they tell me that check for cut on Friday and I went off I told them I hear this every week for the past 4 weeks and you still have nothing for me. unforeseen events have came up and I had to leave the house and Lynchburg Mo to Beckley West Virginia and I keep calling and keep calling them even now and nothing are you got the wrong number or your number has been disconnected or some other crap. I’ve emailed them I have texted the driver I’ve texted the sales rep that originally called me ,I’ve called and left messages and no returned reply, I don’t know what world they live in but $400 is needed it’s a lot of money so I definitely would advise you to keep looking, no matter how reasonable the price they quote you

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