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Extremely unfriendly and unprofessional!

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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: Melissa

I believed in East Ridge Family Dentistry for their reasonable rates. A month later, I visited the dentist for a tooth cleaning session. This time I was charged double the standard price. Their staff members were unfriendly, and no one helped me with the filling of forms for my treatment. The unpleasantness in the dentist room made me feel really uncomfortable.

The standard services of a tooth-cleaning procedure and other dental issues were a lot cheaper on my first visit. East Ridge Family Dentistry dental office is not a welcoming place for anyone trying to have a tooth cleaned or any other dental care. I was hit with a high price and less quality in their products such as the filling paste, and the dental sprays I received from those people.

Their staff members don’t care about patient care. I returned to this practice due to the good service I had on my previous visits. This time around it felt like I had walked into a different dentist\’s room. A place with no communication skills, no good customer’s services, and no help to make the patients feel calm and relaxed. The uncomfortable chairs and new staff members isolated themselves from the patients at the reception area, and they didn’t make me feel confident about my exam.

I don’t recommend East Ridge Family Dentistry for its poor quality of dental care materials, and the unpleasantness I experienced from staff members. The staff members don’t make patients feel welcome into the dentist rooms and the bad customer service I received at the reception area made me nervous. My last visit gave me a bad experience to remember them by.

They neglected my needs and focused on others who weren’t in the queues. I waited for an hour before my turn and this put me off from ever going back there. The rude and disrespectful behavior from staff members forced me to make an appointment elsewhere. I will not recommend this practice especially because of their expensive rate and this place is not suitable for patients with no health care plans. They don’t show kindness toward patients. The people at East Ridge Family Dentistry are not professionals in their jobs. The untrained staff is not known for their job titles. There isn’t a friendly welcome from the staff, and I don’t want any patient to experience what I have at East Ridge Family Dentistry.

People here don’t have patience and lack communication with patients in procedures. My experience at East Ridge Family Dentistry wasn’t anything near-positive to make me want to go back there again. The whole time I was at the dentist I felt neglect and failure in my treatment. Their bad customer services ruined my visit with staff not caring for patients and not making patients’ visits as friendly as possible.

At East Ridge, Family Dentistry, the staff members don’t care about their patients. There are always no smiles and interest in patients when making appointments to make the patient feel comfortable. Also, their staff members dread working with the elderly. I don’t recommend East Ridge Family Dentistry to anyone in need of dental care.

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