East Valley Men's Center

East Valley Men's Center

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I experienced a bank failure that looks to have been in the making for some time. With that just in time for my December SSA payment, December 02, 2016, my bank decided to close my brokerage, savings, and Roth IRA accounts and with that leave me with only $10 in my wallet and a hotel bill due in 2 days. Just in time for Xmas and also done to accept and hope to keep my 12/2016 US SSA payment. Lovely. | From what I now know, and as I knew then, I was in good standing with them overall and something had been wrong with their accounting. This however was dealt with wrong, they should have allowed me to cash out most or some of the account and then close it. With all of that I had to act and find a place to sleep, and a place to use a computer to have my checks sent to me when they liquidated my account. I scurried around and was able to find this place East Valley Men’s Center and they were close to me. I went there hoping to have them help or at least offer another place that could assist. | Overall I was denied entry and learned they had beds open. The other shelter knew of this. I was verbally abused by what I’d characterise as a rude and ignorant woman largely a “Femi n**i” and threatened with arrest, lied to about the situation, asked how much money I made, etc… overall this person was useless and pathetic and of course offered a prejudiced and bigoted non-solution to the problem that being make it rife with bias and offers that I deserved this. There was no offer to assist in telling me where I was, since I am new to this area, what other shelters are around, how to get there, etc. | Crapola. It looks to me since this was premeditated that these people actually conspired in some effort to harm me this way. | I’d NEVER offer money to these people and I say you’d want to prosecute them for this. They agree to offer service then they should do so. | They can’t offer prejudice since they don’t know me and that seems to be what they think they can rely upon. | I bet they worked with others to make this happen. | These people are felons and murderers.

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