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Published: 28 January 2018

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Be warned. Kodak went bankrupt a few years ago and will not do anything about your printer if it fails. Or if you call with questions. They no longer deal with personal printers. But their ink is still on store shelves. And people can buy the printers used or as surplus. Here is why you should not do that. A few years ago I bought a Kodak printer. It was a total ripoff. Here is why… 1. Do not buy a used or surplus one. You will be spending more money than you can imagine for ink cartridges. They force you to buy both black & white and color cartridges when the black ink runs low. The scamming designers mixed a tiny bit of color into the black and white ink that gets laid down. That way they can claim you also need to buy a color cartridge. The printer won’t work until you replace both. 2. The printers don’t last very long. I must be lucky. Mine actually did last two years. But I didn’t print that often. From what I have read, other people have much less time before it stops working. And when it stops working there is nothing you can do to get it to print. I cleaned the heads, bought brand new cartridges, etc. But after a certain point it never laid down any ink. Once it stops, it stops. That is what a shop that specializes in ink cartridges told me. They said it is the worst. 3. Their software puts an icon into your system tray that will nag you to death. It also eats up your CPU space. It is pretty much like malware. It nagged me incessantly to have ink cartridges automatically charged to me and sent when it detects my ink is running low. Even when it did not nag, the icon kept appearing in my system tray again after I had right clicked to exit it. This went on several times a day. My machine would start to lag. And sure enough. The dang icon had appeared again, eating up my available space. I had to log off and on again a few times a day. When I finally deleted it all the problems stopped. That about covers it. Except to say you will get absolutely nowhere with customer service. It sucks.

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