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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Where do I begin to tell you about my horrible expierence with Easy Military Travel? im currently deployed and i wanted to go home for the holidays. i was shopping for some military fares when i ran into this company. like an idiot i didnt check the reviews – it seemed like a reputible company. so i placed a application and was emailed shortly by a representative. the flights looked good and i told my family i was coming home. 110 per month? perfect! i was very wrong- the price they gave me was by the paycheck. yes. they were giving me a monthly payment amount but split in half to make it sound less. so $220 per month for 5 months would be $1100 – which was a little higher than the price of my ticket online, but for covering the cost i was willing to pay 10 percetn more! they send me the loan documents and there is no number of months on it. why? why doesnt the contract specify the number of months? i called and the person on the phone told me that the bank doesnt have to tell me how many months? what? how can i sign something that doesnt tell me how many months im required to pay that amount. person on the phone said that they would tell me the number of months and it was 24. i had to pay $220 for 24 months. there is no way. i wanted to make sure she understood the trip and that i found the exact same ticket online for around 1000. they told me that it couuld not be the same ticket because they did not disclose the flight number or exact flight times. well, how about i list the flight number that i have for this 1000 ticket. “it doesnt matter – the flight we are selling you cost 3600”. well if you multiply the 220 by 24 months that is 5280. how is this possible? they told me that they only charged 3600 for the ticket and the rest was interest? i cant believe this. sadly, im now calling my family and telling them i wont be home for the holidays. thank you easy military travel for runing the holidays for my family and trying to rip off a young soldier. you really make your country proud. how these people can be open with these prices doesnt make sense except that they confuse people with this monthly payment being told by the payday instead of monthly. it must be the lack of information on them on the internet. stay away from this company. be sure that you know what your MONTHLY payment is – that is how most loans work – monthly, not biweekly. they are misleading and dishonest and a total scam company. save your money and buy the ticket yourself. ask questions. dont just click and sign docs like the instructions say – read them. ask questions. if i didnt i would have made a big mistake that i would be paying for for the next 24 months. the nerve of those guys. .

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