Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

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Published: 22 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Where do I start.. First of all, the great reviews are mostly by Sales Executives of the company, those who sit behind a desk all day, talk on phone and lower prices (They are mostly located at the company’s headquarters or main branches. They are the ones with the job security and desks, that’s why they have been with the company for donkey years. I worked for easy rest starting as a sales agent. My very first month I sold 14 beds. First week i sold 5 beds and asked my trainer to go on straight commission he insisted i stay on base pay. I was ranked number 5 in the whole country among their agents with my first week. With base pay you sell thousand dollar beds but they only compensate you and average of like $20 per bed you sell +$10 gas and $50/presentation. At training i told my trainer i would need to take a Saturday in 3 wks, he told me to notify Executive Sales 1 wk before. I did and they still didn’t pay me. All new agents are REQUIRED to work every Saturday their first 3months to qualify for the new agent bonus. The odds are stacked against you; they will do all they can to let you go and hire someone else before you see a penny of that bonus. I had to beg them for that Saturday off numerous time before they let me have it, this was after asking us in training if anyone needed any days of now, speak you mind. But guess what they didn’t pay me any gas money for that week. It was not until after i re-emailed the recruiter before he told the accountant to pay me, they put it on my statement but i still haven’t seen that money in addition to my other pay for the whole week based upon a hard copy of one app they are lying they haven’t received. This was only $90. Keep in mind that by this point i had sold about 9 beds which average about a couple thousand dollars each and the company refused to pay me $90…. $90 for gas just because i took a Saturday off to attend to a family members wedding, which i had scheduled at training when I was inquired. | Furthermore, the company promises a lot of money yr in commission and salary to their sales agents…. but only the sales executives, that sit behind a desk all day and lower prices on beds in order to sell the customer, just in case you are not good enough to sell the bed at around 8k the first time, only the sales executives have a good chance of making all that money promised to you. An agent should be happy if he or she makes ($24,000)/yr. You, the salesperson that travels to the customers in sleet, rain or snow to sit with them for 3hrs, will first of all make only an average bonus of like a couple of dollars on each bed you sell, whether you sell it for thousands or not. This is because they market mostly to the elderly or sick people who are on limited/budgeted income. The only way you would make a decent bonus per bed is if you collect a huge down payment from the customer. But the problem is that most elderly people are not ready to buy the bed when you walk to their door, they think you bring them a free pillow, let alone leave a huge down payment (They are retired and on SS benefits) for a bed that is way overpriced but lowered drastically in price in order to prey on the elderly making them think they are getting a good deal. The company already knows this that’s why they base your bonus amount on the more down payment you collect. This also cause a lot of cancellation, because by the time they realized they have been duped into buying a bed for a few thousand dollars that was first priced at an unimaginable price then they cancel. The company would blame you, and they wont pay you. Also they came up with the excuse of not receiving the hard copy of one of my applications, so they have not payed me in 3 weeks. Such an inhumane company, wouldn’t have imagined a company like this could act in such a way when i decided to take the position. But all the Sales executives that sit behind a desk, talk on the phone and only lower prices get paid. I understand if the company was missing an application or didn’t receive it (which they are lying about), then the humane thing to do is not pay out that bonus for the particular app or even my whole salary for just that week (At most). But when you hold my whole salary for three weeks just because you didn’t receive 1 app out of 14apps( closed deals), (Meanwhile you already have all the soft copies scanned to you), then again something is wrong and that is inhumane. The company has like a lot of agents nationwide but no sales executives of color as far as I know. | This company is full of discrimination. They talk to you anyhow, they would purposely keep you and your customers on long waiting phone lines even though the waiting time according to the system is an average of 2 minutes. The executives would start hating on you when u start making sales, and finding all excuses not to pay you cause you probably would be in line to make as much or more than them. (e.g if you have 1 cancellation out of 10 they will set up a retraining conference calls). They would have you driving 2 hours to an address that doesn’t exist, when you call them that it doesn’t exist or can’t find it they would tell you customer is not picking up, have a safe drive back. This is without even making an effort to corroborate, confirm or investigate the address to see if it’s not wrong or something. If there was an address one could at least tried knocking on the door or something before driving 2hrs back home. Maybe customer’s phone is off or something. | Therefore, if you are thinking about working for Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!! i did. Time and money for gas, car maintenance/ mileage, candles (gifts) for each customer you see and tolls which i still haven’t been paid. If i can sell thousands worth of adjustable beds in one month and only receive a total compensation of about a few hundred dollars. DO YOU THINK THEY WILL PAY YOU WHAT YOU ARE WORTH? What makes you different? Your presentation material would also be paid in full by you, they will take it out of your check every week beginning with your 1st wk, and they will still require you to turn in these same materials you paid to the when you leave the company. That’s before they fire you or maybe you were smart enough to leave. Trust me they want and will take every penny they invested in you back, even your supposedly free hotel accommodation for training. Their marketing strategy is MARKET HIGH !!! ( Your salary, your commission, the adjustable beds you will be selling) but SELL LOW!!! (Your salary, your commission, and the adjustable beds you will be selling) Take it from me, I thought i had seen it all from sales companies, run from EASY REST Inc !! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!..

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