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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I booked a Christmas break for myself and my wife in Edinburgh leaving from Gatwick (North terminal) on the 24th December 2013, flying with Easyjet. We got to the airport at 6:30 and we arrived to a scene of chaos. After approaching the desk to ask about baggage drop off, we were informed that the computers had gone down and that they are working on getting them working again. We then stood for about 3 and a half hours with no information. Then one of the airport staff stood on a platform and told us that they were going to move us flight by flight to the south terminal so we can drop our luggage off and then get a bus, back to the north terminal to wait for departure. He also told us water would be distributed to all passengers, but we were never informed where we could get the water from or that water was even available at any time after it was mentioned. at 13:30 our flight was called and we proceeded to the train bound for the south terminal, at this time we were extremely thirsty. | we arrived to a queue from one end of the departure check-in area to the other. We were luckily told to go to the front of the queue and around to the baggage drop point where we handed in our baggage and proceeded to gate 90 as instructed, where we sat waiting for over 1 hour. I then went and asked someone and was told that we should go through gate 95 and board the bus back to the north terminal. We arrived back and it was again chaos! we decided to go and get something to eat, but the board showed that we should proceed to gate 45L for boarding. We went to the gate thinking this was it, we were finally going, only to meet another very long queue. after standing for another 2 hours we were told we could sit in another gate area while we were waiting to board. We sat there for a long time and I heard people saying that they had been told that the internet was saying that the flight was cancelled, but the Easyjet app was just adding time to the departure time. I went and asked the Easyjet staff at the gate what was happening and was told to go up to the information desk. We went up to information and was told by a police officer after checking the terminal, that the flight was cancelled and that we should go to the baggage reclaim to retrieve our suitcase, I spent about 2 hours walking between 2 belts looking for my case when we were all told to go outside and wait for the cases to be placed outside the terminal according to flight number. we were so hungry at this point and went to the only place still open to get some food (the time now is 23:55) as we had not eaten all day. | I finally went down and very politely asked another police officer how much longer we would have to wait for the baggage from the Edinburgh flight to be ready for collection. He said he had seen some come down and that he would check. 10 minutes later he came back and asked me to come with him to see if my case was there. Finally I got my case and headed to where my parents had parked to go back home. I had given my parents petrol money to take us to the airport, but had not intended to be picked up in the early hours of Christmas day. I had called my parents at about 22:00 and they said they would come to pick us up. The Police were the most helpful people in the airport, nobody from Easyjet was forthcoming with information and we were always having to find someone to ask for information. | Due to all this I could not get to the hotel I had fully paid for and my Christmas was marred by the total lack of concern on the part of Easyjet. I could not even make a call with my phone as the network was completely blocked. | Desired Resolution was: | I want my money back in full (hotel and flight) I paid a total of £300.96, that includes £201.96 for the flight and £99.00 for the hotel (because of a no show, due to lack of information). Also I want the money back for the Petrol my father had to pay out to pick us up at such an ungodly hour, Parking, food and drink | They paid us the cost of the flight without any food or the £22 they charged us for luggage, they knew would never leave the airport. | They stole over £200 from us including the court fees that never got there due to them saying we were never there even though we provided proof we were there. | They are the most appalling company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with and would warn anyone to avoid them like the plague they are.

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