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Published: 16 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have bit my tongue for years and have restrained myself by bitting my tongue. I cannot in clear conscience do this another day. I do not want my friends, family and people in general to include me as one of those deranged Eckankar people. I must tell you this so you know the depth of deceit and control placed on us in Eckankar. I have been so afraid not to cooperate with Eckankar. I have regularly invited detective and police friends to cleverly question and spy on Eckankar members here at cafes and coffee houses while we sat under the guise of pleasant day out with them. Members that higher ups in the Eckankar headquarters and locally are consider threatening. Threatening because of finding out schemes our members have been utilizing to use our study groups as fronts to launder their personal monies and not pay required income tax on incomes. It is downright illegal and I know it. We are registered as a study group and not religion in our local area. Now my husband and I have been forced to use our local media business or loose our Eckankar initiations. We have videotaped and photographed members and sent this on to Eckankar headquarters. We have forwarded photographs and video films across the world to Eckankar headquarters to alert RESA’s and higher initiates of threatening members. Our activity is illegal here as we are using film and image distribution without written authorization to do so by those we photograph and video tape. We have been instructed by the local RESA to call local and international centers to report the geographic location of Eckankar members who are considered a threat legally to our centers and the Eckankar headquarters. Eckankar members who will expose our tax avoidance and money laundering schemes. I just feel awful for having photographed and video taped these Eckankar members. I am being run ragged by constant surveillance of questionable members and threats of being thrown out of Eckankar if we do not continue to cooperate. I am in so much fear of being looked upon by my Eckankar friends as being a bad person if I do not do what the Eckankar headquarters and the local RESA asks us to do. It is time people realize Eckankar is a fake spiritual path out for control of members and non entitled tax privileges. I cannot believe that I would be asked to pass on illegally photographed and filmed people without their written consent and permission! .

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