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Published: 08 February 2018

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On March 30, 2014 I purchased an online course to buy and sell on eBay for $97.00 from CENTCOMMERCE 8773731814. I was contacted shortly after that by Michael Nell from Ecommerce Consulting. He convinced me that he had a program that would help me achieve my goal of an extra $1000 to $3000 per month additional income quicker than what I already purchased. He made it sound like we were getting a lot for the price. Which you do not get what you pay for. I signed a contract for $8495.36. Whatever you do, do not do what we did. DO NOT DO A MONEY TRANSFER. He convinced us to do a money transfer so we could get 0% interest for a short period of time. According to the credit card company it is a business transaction and you cannot dispute it. He also said that if I had not sold $1000 within the first couple weeks I was to contact him. After the first training session I realized there was no way that I was going to sell the $1000 in the first few weeks. After 4 weeks and I still had not reached the $1000 and could not continue with the lessons until I did so I contacted Michael on a Monday. On Tuesday morning he left me a voice message to call him back with dates and times when I could speak with him. As soon as I got the message I contacted him. I gave him my cell phone and told him to call me at any time that was convenient for him. After two weeks and leaving numerous message he never called me back. I then contacted Kevin Hangren. After speaking with Kevin the decision to change couches was made. I was told in the initial conversation that by the end of the 14 week couching sessions that the couches would assist me in finding a drop-shipper and I would be making a consistent income off of eBay. He also stated that the couches had access to several different software that they could tell me if the nich I chose would be profitable or not. He also said they would help me find my nich product to sell and help me find drop-shippers. The couches tell you to make a list of interests (niches) and then make a list within those niches of individual items that could be sold. Then they instruct you to research Amazon and eBay to determine which items sold well. Then go back to Amazon or Google and search for manufacturers that make the item you want to sell. The couches do not help you find or look for drop-shippers. At the end of the 14 weeks I had no drop-shipper and was not even close to making a consistent income. I then tried to call Kevin again. They informed me that Frank had taken over the complaint, which is suspect that they need someone dealing with complaint. I have actually spoken with Frank multiple times as for the others just once. Frank had me research drop-shippers and to give him three that he would help me with a drop-shipper. I called him back after I had found three potential drop-shippers. His idea of helping me was to go to the website with me, finding the areas where you apply for a dealership and had me fill them out. The item I chose was to be one of the top sellers. After being posted for three weeks I had less than 10 hits on each item posted and no sells. I again contacted Frank. He then set me up with six more free couching sessions. The couching sessions are a joke. You are given access to the ELibrary. Within the ELibrary you can select from three courses. In each course are lessons. All the couches do is go over what is in the lessons and ask if you have any questions. They may give you a little more information regarding how they do it. But for the $8495 that I was charged I did not get what I paid for. .

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