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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

There is a good reason ECONOMY SIGNS is NOT a member of the BBB. This man and his friends are COMPLETE SCAMMERS! LAIRS! And RIP OFF’S IN SAN ANTONIO!!! All I can say is wow! How he’s still in business is beyond me. | I recommmended ISAAC ORTIZ to a good friend of mine last year to build and install channel letters for his new location called, “Texas Vape Stores”. The owners name is Richard Tisdale. he has two locations. And because my friend trusts me, he also trusts others I recommned to him. This was a mistake on his part. He hired Isaac Ortiz to do some sign work for him, and very unfortunately, he paid him in full…almost $4,000. Needless to say…Isaac never came through. | Richard started calling Isaac about 3 weeks after he said he would do the work. At first, he said he would get it done soon, like the next day or two. One week later, Richard called to ask him where his sign was, he said he couldnt get it done because it was raining. | A week later, well after the rain stopped, he said he couldnt do the work because he was sick and had to go to the doctor and that he may have diebetes because he’s (morbidlly obese). A couple weeks went by, Richard called again, this time he said his truck was broken down. A few weeks later, Richard called again, except this time, Richard was a little hot. After threating him to sue and come after him, Isaac simply laughed and said ” Go For It! You Can’t Get Blood Out of a Turnip” To this day, no work has been done at all and he had to hire another company to finish the job. | Shortly after I found out that Richard had paid him in full, (which I would have stopped if I had known he did that) I found out he bought a truck for his wife, then took a nice family vacation, compliments of Texas Vape stores. Over 70 calls to find out why he hasnt built or installed his sign, he just stopped answering the phone. | If you go to his shop you will see a sad excuse for a sign business. There are dogs running around, he lets his 6 kids run rampant throughout the place and it stinks of urine and feces. You may also notice several religious scriptures and symbols lying around his shop. To me, this screams out: “Im one to be trusted, because I’m a God fearing Man”. Well, in my opnion that is the worst kind in the book, the kind of man who will rip you off and not lose a blink of sleep over it. | Isaac Ortiz is a compulsive big time LAIR! Additionally, I found out, most of the sign supply shops in San Antonio won’t sell to him anymore because he owes them money! He also has to barrow other company’s bucket trucks to do the small jobs he somehow gets because he cannot afford his own truck. | If by chance you do decide to do business with ECONOMY SIGNS (ISAAC ORTIZ), Ask him if he owns his own truck and if he has a Licence for permits (he can’t get his own license so he uses another companies) Ask him about Texas Vape Stores then give the owner of Texas Vape Stores a call to verify what I’ve said, his name is Richard, he’ll be glad to share his experience with this piece of ….!!! | EVERYTHING out of this mans mouth is a LIE! To this day he has delived ZERO!!! COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF TEXAS VAPE STORES!!! | He solicits work by searching online for businesses applying for a new business licence. He has to hire others to do his work because he simply cannot physically do the work himself due to his obesity and lack of a bucket truck. He also ripped me off for window measurments never got paid for. | His licence number is: TESC 18846 he has an electical licence but Im pretty sure it’s not really his, The city will NOT give this man a licence because he rips people off. Just check him out! be vary careful, don’t be conned into doing business with him simply because he has the lowest price! His teammates are Larry Zalazar and his brother Baltimore Zalazer. Baltimore also likes to introduce himself as “Mike” I found out his real name from another person.

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