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Published: 16 February 2020

Posted by: sca9

3/10/09 I purchased the platinum membership, which is worthless. Total scam as other people here report. The desireable items are never available for sale at the advertised prices. I tried to cancel the membership a month after purchasing. They would not let me cancel and issue a refund. Now during Feb, 2010 I have contacted them 3 times to cancel membership so that it is not renewed on 3/10/10. Each time I get the runaround by the customer service person and it’s not cancelled. Latest contact is 3/8/10, CS rep. said he couldn’t cancel it and it’s best for me to call on 3/10/10, the day it renews. This is a total scam and they should be shut down for it. However, I have purchased a number of small electronics from them and all have been delivered in good condition and work well. But, you can buy the same recertified stuff from other web vendors for less money and usually free shipping.

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Infinity Imaging Consultants

Rich Cabral of Infinity Imaging Consultants LLC sold my company a CT and MRI Scanner that he apparently never owned. He kept my $4,300.00

Arias Pistons

Had a block sent to get sleeved, took them 10 months to get it back to me. I went to have blocked posted because sleeved installed did not


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Advanced Automatic Transmission

I had brought a transmission from this company for my 1994 ford broco. I brought and paid for it with my credit card. I had spoke to a guy


They Will add dislikes to your Videos and their customer service is horrible. they do not honor their return policy.Devumi is horrible

Edward Lee Somers

Everyone I serve has within themselves the capacity for solving their own issues. My role, simply put, is to guide you in clearly defining

Daikin AC America

We spent $55,000 on a DAIKIN air conditioning system. Three years later, two of the units developed leaks in the coils. Each one was $1500, Paul Silva

Paul Silva (, has a Ferarri 358 spider, 1994 for sale for 18k. The car is worth 57-72k. Uses an escrow account at