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Published: 13 February 2020

Posted by: Julia C. Westbrook

1. They cite a 10 day trial period. They don/t tell you that this includes the shipping time (3-5 days) and the weekends when there is no mail delivery.in reality you might have 3 or 4 days after the product arrives. They charge you130.00 after 10 days from their shipping date. 2. They said they sent me an e-mail. I didn’t receive one. When I called, getting the phone # from my on-line banking as there was none included in the product box, I was told of this e_mail and was told I would abe sent another, as well as a supervisor would call me. The e_mail was not sent, the supervisor did not call. I called the following day and when being transferred to a supervisor, was disconnected. 3. By my 3rd call, I was able to get a partial refund (half) of the 130.00 charge to my account. I had never authorized this charge in the first place. I could not get a full reefund as I had not called them soon enough (using the no. Not in the box and in the unreceived e_mail. Do not do businesss with this company unless you want to lose money and support a scam.

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This company lists suppliers who are all scammers. Then sales manager, who hoes by “Lee,” will write to you after you receive