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Published: 16 October 2018

Posted by: Christopher Wilkins

Eden Hall is situated in an idilic setting on the outskirts of Newark in the county of Nottinghamshire England With its stunning architecture and state of the art facilities you’d think you’d be in safe hands However following a spa day for 2 we were totally shocked as to how the staff and management treat us following a 2 hour power cut We were in the outside jacuzzis on a fairly chilly day but the water was really nice and warm. After 15 minutes of bubbles we noticed that the timer didn’t work to restart the air flow in the tank We sat there fo 20 minutes and realised it was more than the bubbles not working, the heating in the pool had also pack up. Then a young member of staff came from around the side of the building and informed us of a power cut to the outside facilities which includes electric sliding doors which were jammed shut We were told to stay where we were as the problem was being fixed. However things were not going to plan, but then a couple emerged from the indoor pool which has an opening to small outside part of the pool Nobody had mentioned we could gain access to the inside via a small opening We finally got inside and noticed the pool was cold and lights were off in various facilities, as was the heat in the specialist saunas, foot spas etc There was no member of staff around to talk to until the clueless young member of staff announced that the problem was about to be fixed Everyone started to murmur and we waited another 10 minutes with no heat and we, as well as others, decided it wasn’t a simple fix and went to get changed When I was charged I noticed a contracted electrician walking through the male changing rooms being lead to an area within the facilities So we were fobbed off and lied to by staff to say that maintenance had it under control from the off We complained about what had happened to us at the front desk but were told to email their head office We did this and it was referred back to the manager on the reception who sent us an email saying we could come back for half a day free of charge. Not a full day but half a day I replied to head office again, stating I didn’t think the offer was good enough after the way the guests had been treated and lied to I received this reply from the EDEN SPA manageress Dear Chris Thank you for your e-mail. The offer of the two complimentary half day packages for you and Sally, as previously offered by my colleague, does still stand. We do feel this is a more than generous offer and is in line with the facilities that weren’t working during the power outage, between 4pm and 6pm the day you visited. The half day experience offered includes 6 hours at the Day Spa including full use of the pool and thermal spa suite area This experience is available from 2.30pm until 8.30pm Events such as this are out of our control and every measure was taken at the time to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. We do have an onsite maintenance team who assist with general work however some circumstances do require outside assistance, in accordance with health and safety regulations. Such as the day of your visit. I’m sorry if you feel the offering was not as expected but please do let me know should you wish to accept the offer and we will arrange this for you. Kind Regards Chloe Johnson Reception and Reservations Supervisor Eden Hall Day Spa [protected] edenspa.co.uk facebook.com/edenhall @edenspanotts Eden Hall Day Spa | Elston Village | Newark | Nottinghamshire | NG23 5PG Sorry EDEN HALL but when mistakes are made in any business you have to expect a generous compensation offer and not a like for like offer You failed to keep guests well informed as events unfolded and you weren’t even aware of facilities not working for the 2 hours they were off We, along with others are seeking legal advice as to where we stand But here’s a question for you all If you found something wrong with your main course at a top restaurant you’d be very angry if the waiter simply picked out the object in your food and told you to carry on !! No I’d expect another meal and a complimentary meal the next time I went EDEN HALL you’re a top or the range Health Spa and your duty of care and reimbursement has failed you

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