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Published: 14 September 2018

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Paul Hilaire claims to be a National Real Estate Developer who will put many offers in at one time in many areas to buy a home, lots, developments, etc. He has no financial backup. He will demand money from random people through craigslist and other sources, and try to get it without signing contracts. I worked with him briefly and found out quickly that he is completely unable to manage a company. He regularly burns bridges with realtors, lenders, investors, employees and clients. He gave me a list of a dozen people to call (various lenders and realtors) and though most of them have had communication with him, I have not found a single person that actually had a deal go through with him. He will often go into escrow and have everything fall through, often blaming others (like private lenders) for not accepting his cryptic incomplete and barely literate emails as a binding contract. I have witnessed him force people to work hard and fast, but refuses to sign contracts, or if he does, I have not seen them be honored. He simply just disappears. He entices people to invest in his work by giving generous verbal agreements. He entices employees to work for him by offering significant salaries, benefits, percentage of ownership, etc. and lots of talk about how large his company was and will be, how advanced his green building may be, or how many projects he currently owns or is in the process of developing. I knew of one woman who worked for him for a month without being paid a penny. She was given many excuses about why the funds weren’t there to pay, but often the contracts she would negotiate would be sabotaged by him. One example was when an investor was found for a fix n flip. The investor was willing to put up half the initial purchase price, and help oversee construction, as long as he was to receive 40% of the net profit of the flip. This was agreed to many times by Paul and the investor verbally. The contract was drawn up by the employee for both parties. At the last minute, Paul stopped the contract from being sent to the investor, and instead sent a cryptic 3 sentence email to the investor that said they would get their initial investment back at the close of escrow and that was it. No interest, no guarantee, nothing with the original terms they believed. Obviously the investor backed out, which made Paul blame the employees for various reasons. He is seeking money to do construction projects that many private investors and Hard Money Lenders have denied due to lack of documents (taxes, credit reports and personal info) to obtain the money. Paul (aka Vincent aka Gerard) will claim he has money from current projects to put down on new ones, but this is incorrect. Please be very careful in doing any type of business with this man. Make sure to have a contract signed before doing ANY work for him. Make sure to get his license plate of his car when he meets you. Make sure to ask him where his business is incorporated and how long it has been in operation. He will have many stories about why a company just started. He keeps opening up different companies all the time. Usually they are corporations out of Wyoming. The ones I am aware of are Edge Hill, llc, and Majestic Farms, Inc. He uses disposable cell phones, Magic Jack home phone, he will not furnish his home address, the PO Box does not exist, he refuses to provide his credit report to any lender for any purchase or banking needs. He refuses to provide a 1003 to any lender. He will try to say it is because of identity theft- but will then blame employees or other people when loans are not funded. He will demand that you provide your bank account details so he can “wire” money, but the wire will not come. Also, to add a final touch of insanity, he claims to also be a shaman with magical healing properties and able to be very clairvoyant. He says this to try to make people believe he is a “man of God” and trustworthy. Feel free to believe whatever you want, you’ll just be disappointed if you think you’ll actually get paid or have a contract go through.

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