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Published: 05 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Needing quick updated headshots done, I looked online, figuring that this is Los Angeles, with photographers being a dime a dozen out here, I did a quick google search and came upon Edgy Headshots website. The cost was by far the lowest I’d seen, and being a girl on a budget, I bit the bait. That should have been my first red flag. You get what you pay for. If someone is offering lower prices than the rest of the competition, there’s probably good reason. I walked into the man’s home studio and the first thing he does is look me up and down like I was some piece of meat. I was dressed very classy, not revealing any part of my skin that would be considered even mildly flirtatious by normal standards. He proceeds to ask me if I’ve ever thought about using my body to make money and that women my age with a body like mine usually do stripping or porn to make a buck in this town while they wait to make it big. I think my jaw hit the ground. I was appalled and if I hadn’t already paid a non refundable security deposit, I would have walked out the door right then and there. During the photoshoot, Mr. Weingart appeared to become twitchy and aggitated as he slap my hair out of my face and make a weird grunt noise as he did it, like one tiny hair out of place was enough to set this man on edge. He started to make me feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. I couldn’t wait for the session to end. He seemed like someone who forgot to take his meds and was two steps away from being the next patient at the psych ward. He sat me in the chair, never once turned on his studio lights, I think he just had them there for show. He went on and on about how a good photographer does this and a bad photographer does that. After the shoot he told me to sit in his living room while he uploaded my photos, which took him a half hour to do. When he showed me my pictures they were all horrible. I was in the middle of blinking or talking with my mouth at a funny angle. He did not capture my flattering side at all. (*Note: I have modeled off and on my whole life and I have worked with great photographers. This man was the opposite of that in every possible sense, the only experience he appears to have had is shooting school yearbook photos). He then went on to tell me that he’d touch up my photos for $40 a photo. I told him that I was not happy with any of the photos and asked if we could reshoot. He looked at me like I sprouted horns and said it would cost me an extra hundred bucks. I told him nevernind and left without even taking the disc with my photos. Two days later I saw on my bankstatement that he overcharged my card by one hundred dollars. I called my bank and thankfully they straightened it out for me. Mr. Weingart proceeded then to call my phone and leave a really nasty message on my voicemail about how either I could call my bank or he would deal with it to get that money but basically threatened my voicemail telling me one way or another he was going to get my money, my extra hundred that he was not authorized to take. This man was rude, sleazy and by far the most unprofessional photographer I’ve ever worked with in my life. I’ve seen gone on to have a very good and talented photographer do better headshots for me.

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