Education Futures Corporation

Education Futures Corporation

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Published: 13 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Education Futures Corporation has operated in California since 2012. They hired hundreds of employees witht he understanding that they would pay bonuses for those employees to build their business on the west coast. The employees worked in sometimes 100 degree weather all over California including Bakersfield, San Bernardino, San Diego and other areas. They build the company and the company earned over a million dollars in the first year. The company used the scam that we now see that they are doing all over the country. They hire regional directors and force them to make an LLC. Then they fire the regional directors after the students have been recruited. Then they take over, Karlton Roberts, Thomas Cobo, Richard Farace. They do business under other corporate names as they are doing now under the name of Doctrina Tutoring. | They pay employees in the districts to give them students and to turn a blind eye to the ‘group tutoring’ that they are doing. That means 10-15 students in a group with no certified teacher many times. They use a program that is hardly a teaching tool. They bribe the parents with tablets and sign the students off and bill the districts individually for each student. | They then have their tutors which they promise a specific rate to . Then they undermine what the tutors have done and pay them less than the contracted price. They keep a postal box or a location rented through ReGUS which are just temporary spots. They have a select group that they bring in to complete the tutoring and then fail to pay hundreds of employees. | They have numerous claims withthe labor commission. In order to keep from paying the hundreds of thousands in judgments , they pay to get into other corporations that have been shells for a long period of time. They appoint someone as the person in charge but then cheat them. They are now doing the same thing with Doctrina. They have Richard in charge pretending to be the president of the corporation and he tells people that Karlton and Thomas are just employees of his company yet Karlton and Thomas are the investors. They have defrauded people like this in other states all over the country such as Delaware, Whyoming, Vermont, Chicago, Pennsylvania, New Jersey New YOk, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas., California. | Additionally, the second year that they work in a district, they just sign the parents names and then contact the parents to say that they are in the program . The parents don’t know any better that they were not just selected by the district. They also work with a company by the name of Expect Success, Tiffany Boyd to work together to defraud districts, the public and their employees. If you have been defrauded contact the Inspector General /Attorney General for your state and the Labor Commission.

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