Edward S. Kwak MD - ESKMD Facial Plastic Surgery

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Not at all satisfied and very unhappy! Regret going here!

I am quite upset with Dr. Kwak who I heard was a distinguished facial plastic surgeon. But he is not. This man should not be trusted with your face. I signed up for sculpting treatments a year ago, on 22 February, 2018 and the results have made me very, very unhappy. He has left me with a crooked nose and nostrils unequal in size. In fact, the tip of one of the nostrils is so high that I can manage to breathe through only one and the other causes suffocation. The most irritating fact about this doctor is that he denies any mistakes done during surgery and refuses to make any corrections post-surgery, if any. To be honest, my nose was in a better condition before I allowed him to do surgery on it. I only wanted the bridge to be more defined, only to see completely unexpected and undesirable results. He made my nose more crooked. He changed it whole, lifting the tip so high that even I could see my nostrils. During our follow-up appointments, he gave me assurance that he would gladly attend to any area of concern or improvement, if required six months after the surgery. A year has passed and I have been updating him on a monthly basis that my surgery did not look good at all and yet he kept on assuring that it would look better once it healed. All through this one year, we discussed about possible amendments to be made. However, when I returned after a year, he behaved in a very aggressive and rude manner. He pressed me nose hard, causing me to jump in pain. And then, contrary to his earlier promise, he straight up asked me to visit somewhere else. I am not at all satisfied and will recommend others to visit someone reputable for better service.

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