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Published: 23 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This PR Company tricked my friend’s band- avoid it like the plague!

Oh yes guys, I’ll give you the dope on Effective Immediately PR which claims to give you results instantly! Sadly, my friend’s band got taken for a ride by these guys. This band was contacted by the PR agents at this company themselves who cajoled them by saying how much they loved the band’s music and how they should try out a press campaign for the upcoming release. Once they got a couple of thousand dollars, they showed their true colours! My friend’s band was left in a skirmish without any blurb, press write-up or premiere. My friend was told that the company had done wonders for another band but this turned out untrue too.

In fact, another individual has directly stated on Facebook, how this company was hired for three months with loads of dough but there were no results whatsoever with beginners working on the campaign and zero communication. In fact, if you check out reviews given by their own employees, you will be left shocked as I was! Employees directly cite the poor pay (what work do you expect clients to get then), poor management style and one even calls it a sinking ship where artists are clearly robbed by the company. One employee even reveals how employees are asked to write good reviews on Glassdoor while they are not paid fair wages or in a timely manner. Clients are scammed as per employees with promises which are impossible. Some employees have also clearly revealed how artists are exploited by the company to earn a quick buck. In fact, another employee has also gone on record, stating how the CEO is not a good person and has zero PR experience which explains the poor services provided by the company. He always pays his staff late and is also a major obstacle when it comes to getting any work done for artists according to this employee. Going by what I can see, it’s time we all start avoiding scamsters like these.





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