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Published: 10 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I actually didn’t spend a dime wtih eHarmony because they would not give me a chance. I was repeatedly told, after filling out the questionnaire, that they were not able to match me, and I have been rdirected to a rejection screen ever since as soon as I login to my account. I was widowed over 6 years ago, after 22 years of marriage, so, when I decided after 2 years of grieving that it was time to move forward, I was really out of the dating scene. I decided to try the online route. I had always heard good things about eHarmony, and I actually got an email inviting me to try them for free. I filled out my questionnaire. (Talk about time consuming and exhausting.) I had a pretty specific idea of what I was looking for in a partner, and I really didn’t think I was being all that choosy. I didn’t want a long distance thing. I would prefer a widowed person, as I felt they would possibly be more understanding of the emotions involved in dating someone else after the loss of a partner. I did, however, check off that I would also accept single, divorced, or never been married. Instead of a match, I got an apology that they were not able to match me, but that I should not let that reflect on my chances for a happy relationship. I was left with the idea that they simply had nobody to match me. Once I overcame the huge punch in the gut, I moved on. A couple of years later, after a brief and not so great relationship wit someone from another datung site, I thought I would try again. Surely, in 2 years, there would be someone signed up with eHarmony who would match with me. Nope. Still the same screen popping up telling me I was being rejected yet again, with no explanation as to why. So, here it is, another 2 years later, and again, I figured that surely someone would have registered by now who would fit with me, and one more time, I was again hit with the screen of total rejection. Seriously, what the heck could be so wrong with me that they reject me outright 3 times over 4 years without even giving me a chance to attempt filling out the questionnaire again, or even pay for a membership. People do change over time. I am not the person now that I was back in 2010. Have they just completely red flagged me as soon as my email address is entered? I would truly love to get some kind of answer as to what was so terrible in my profile that I am feeling like I have been completely blacklisted with no explanation. .

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