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Published: 19 July 2019

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eHarmony does much more than just take your money and not deliver on its promises. It is a dangerous place for vulnerable people. I’m posting the letter I wrote to them. To Whom it May Concern: I have been a subscriber to your service for almost a year now, and I must tell you that I cannot in good conscience recommend your service. In fact, I would strongly urge anyone, especially women in their fifties, to avoid eharmony. Your problems with security are egregious, sending a clear message to your subscribers: anyone can sign up, there is no screening process, and we don’t care enough about security to even safeguard your password when you log in. I spent 25 years overseas, and if there’s one thing I can recognize in a heartbeat, it’s a second language speaker. Eharmony is being trolled by foreign scam artists (best guess, Russian and Chinese) that are targeting (Christian) women in their 50s (at least from my experience). Maybe they are actually targeting anyone and everyone; but older women have historically been a favorite target because of savings, retirement accounts, and divorce settlements. When I have matches that come up with names like Believer (Seriously? That is reminiscent of my years in China when I knew people who took English names like Flower and Red Cloud), and their profile information is limited and in broken English and never contains Q & A responses, it is clear to me that there are no meaningful screening procedures in place. When probably 15-25& 37; of my matches are scammers, and almost half of my messages are from the same, that tells me that eHarmony’s greatest value is profit, not the safety and protection, and certainly not the relationship interests, of your subscribers. In addition, every time I log in, my computer lets me know that my password is going over a non-secure connection and is vulnerable. That is unconscionable. When you consider how many people re-use their passwords, you are an open door to scam artists. It’s no wonder your site is flooded. I have emailed you multiple times to let you know of suspicious matches–to the extent that I just don’t bother anymore. Any service with any integrity would have taken measures long before now. Even a casual internet search reveals that password breaches and trolling have been problems for years with Eharmony. I just wish that I had done more research before joining for two years. For all your company’s slick media campaigns, your site does not deliver on its promises; rather it is a dangerous place for vulnerable men and women. And my guess would be that you are looking at a class action suit sometime down the road. Sincerely,

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