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Published: 17 December 2018

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We had a negative review posted on the EIEI site and contacted them in order to advise them that this same reviewer has posted on other sites. Each of the other sites removed the bad reviews when: 1-the reviewer was unable to provide proof that they had done business with us and 2-the reviewer used my husbands name in the review which was an immediate reason for removal of the review. I emailed and heard back from a rep over a year ago and again very recently raising the concern that this person is obviously on some sort of vendetta (we believe a disgruntled former employee). Unfortunately the facts that the review was removed from two other sites with just cause our concern was not taken seriously by EIEI and the bad review still exists. While we understand and respect a person’s right to say what they wish on the internet we have concerns that the investigation EIEI claims to have done in showing this person did business with us was done properly as mentioned earlier the proof was insufficient for another review organization. EIEI did not review a second time and only referred to notes that were taken a year ago, not thorough in any way. Overall I will now take with a very large grain of salt any review appearing on this site.

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