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I was sexually assaulted.

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Michael

An official at Elan Recovery and Wellness tried to sexually assault my sister when she was admitted there. She told me that it happened when she was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. She used to get really anxious and then a bunch of nurses would come to hold her down. And sometimes, some recovery coach or doctor would also get there and slap her. They tried to take advantage of her vulnerability. When she’d push him away, he’d use more force. But according to her, he wasn’t able to do much because she’d resist too much. When I found out about this incident, I was shocked. I had heard a bunch of good things about this place but I didn’t know that there would be such disgusting and horrible people too. They are supposed to look after the patients admitted there. Instead of taking care of those sick people, these guys are trying to take advantage of the same. The worst part is, she is now more damaged. First, she only had the issue of drug abuse. But now she is afraid of any physical contact. She is scarred for life. My family and I are trying very hard to help her recover from those bad memories. We weren’t in touch with her during her entire stay. Those people let her out after 2 months of staying there. My sister doesn’t like to talk about what happened there. I only found about this incident when she got emotional and then blurt it out. She remains silent all the time and I don’t know what they did to her there. It’ clear these people are dangerous and monstrous. How could a person stoop so low? How can one even think of taking advantage of a patient? When I enquired about my sister’s stay there, they didn’t tell me anything. They just told me that my sister might be finding it hard to get used to the new world and that it’ll take her some in doing so. I could have believed those guys but after what she told me I don’t think I can. All I know now is that Elan Recovery and Wellness center has a bunch of crooks working there. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to be admitted there. I should have done a little more research about the place before I sent my sister there. I’d advise you and anyone else to stay far away from this place. It’s unreliable and full of disgusting people. They all are a part of this because I’m certain someone would’ve known about this. But just for the sake of their reputation, they didn’t tell me or anyone else about such an incident. Elan Recovery and Wellness is hiding a lot of secrets from you. Do some research before visiting this place. My sister was admitted there and what she went through was just terrible. I had gotten her sent there because I had heard a lot of praise for Elan and now I know it was a big mistake.

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