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Electra Property Investments and Glen MacCabe are frauds

Glen MacCabe of Electra Property Investments helped me purchase property. But now it seems like the place doesn’t even exist. It’s been four months since I paid for the property. I still don’t have the deed in my hand. I don’t even have any rental. MacCabe has not replied to any of my emails.
I was looking to invest in property in the US, even though I live in South Africa. That was when I got a lot of mails from MacCabe giving me details about properties for sale in Detroit, Michigan. He told me in the emails that I wouldn’t have to do much, and that their own management team would take care of the purchase for me.
According to the contract, when I bought the property, it would come with a tenant in good standing. I was also supposed to receive property with all the required occupation certificates. It seemed alright, so I signed and paid the money he quoted. Only, I have nothing now. He and Electra Property Investments just stole my money – there was never any property!

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