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Published: 30 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The key in dealing with Elainas Models is to verify all the information for yourself. If your gut tells you something is wrong; it probably is. Be sure that you are on your own if something goes wrong. Elainas won’t help you. The police won’t help you. The consolate(s) can’t help you. And whatever you do; don’t send any funds unless you can honestly say you are expecting nothing in return. Please consider the following: *Most of the women are from 3rd world countries that have not been accepted into the European Union. Life is extremely difficult in these countries. The average wage for 99.5% of the population is under $400 per month. Go take a ride on one of the their subways where you will find blank stares of hopelessness. No smiles. No conversation. Just existence. Most are in survival mode. And like anyone; they will do whatever it takes for themselves and their families to survive; including duping some foreigner. *Ask yourself why their are no women from X-Soviet countries that have been accepted into the European Union? Could it be that they have the ability to get out of their respective countries on their own without the assistance of Elenas? I am not saying that their are not a few sincere women profiled in Elenas models; but how do you determine which ones they are? And how do you determine which ones are in “survival mode”? *If you think you can rely on Elainas to help you with this; you are sadly mistaken and risk destoying a part of your life. Remember, life has no dress-rehearsals! *And now for my experience with Elenas. Let me start by saying I was a complete idiot and that my eyes weren’t opened until I went to Kiev, Ukraine in May to get engaged to OLGA REVEKA. (ID 0550357) I started conversing with her over a year earlier and trusted Elenas that they had checked her background as she had/has a “confirmed profile”. Before I went to Ukraine; her profile proclaimed that she was widowed.(Available for review) And that was the story she told me……………that her husband was a submarine officer killed in an automobile accident 15 years ago. What she failed to tell me until I arrived in Kiev with the K-1 visa papers that had been prepared by my attorney was that she had been married a second time to a police man and still lived in his flat with her two daughters Marianna and Veronica. She indicated that she was divorced from him but I was very skeptical that she had failed to mention anything about him in over 400 E-mails and many conversations. I know believe she was/is in “survival mode”. She would do whatever it took to get her two daughters out of Ukraine before they turned 21. I had given Mrs. Reveka in excess of $20,000 including paying for her daughters college (I think they were going to college?) laptops, engagement ring, trip to N.Y. etc. etc. Again, I was an idiot and deserved to loose those funds. What irks me is that Mrs. Reveka had an accomplace in this fraud; Elanas Models. Her profile was immediately changed from widowed to divorced and her profession had been changed to teacher. One thing she didn’t change was the fact that she smokes cigarettes..another surprise she forgot to mention. When I tried to contact Elainas, I received no response except to remove my profile from their data base. What is ironic is that they left her profile online with the confirmation! By this time I had to find out the truth and retained a detective agency to check Mrs. Reveka out. They found the marriage certificate..but no divorce decree! So the scam continues with the help of Elenas. There is a black list but it is controlled by Elenas through a third party. Hopefully, this forum can become the real “black list” for unscupulous co-conspirators of ElenasModels. .

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