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Published: 04 January 2018

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As some readers might be aware, I was the person who wrote some of the positive rebuttals about the product when so many people were simply attempting to place blame on the effectiveness of the product itself on account of the conflicts they had with the free trial offer. After a solid 18-month usage of Elevate GF along with an established stretching and well-rounded exercise regimen, I would like to advise people to not use this product for increasing their height due to the company’s recent and severe customer service disimprovement. For the past week, I have attempted to escalate my request to the corporate office for a monetary compensation from Customer Care as kindly and courteously as possible, only to be assisted by some of the most apathetic and insolent representatives and managers I have ever had a word with over the telephone. The product was explicitly publicized as a bodybuilding supplement as well as a height-increasing supplement by the seemingly honest and reasonable agents themselves at the previous call center in Maine, but it seems like the new call center agents currently located in California are either uninformed about the complete array of benefits that the supplement is asserted to offer or corporate might be concealing information that can be of benefit to many potential consumers. If someone from the corporate office reads this, please know that I am completely exasperated and have had enough of trying to explain my case to people who have deaf ears for customers who have dedicated themselves for many months to their product. This is an obvious indication to me that the supposed agents are only focused on their salaries/paychecks and their greatest convenience (a.k.a the cases that are easiest for them to resolve). There is quite a bit more to express about my disconcerting experience with Elevate GF Customer Care, but to make the report as abridged as possible, I advise people not to use this product for height growth (which was one of the main, advertised and verbally asserted benefits) because all it will be is a disappointment and will turn out to be a substantial loss of money, because in this day and age, $422.41 (excluding discounts made from most of my purchases that were credited to my bank acocunt) can be used for much better things. .

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